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21 Year Old Woman Killed by Metro-North Train in Rye

Rye train station - Metro-North Railroad IMG_4078

A twenty-one year old woman was killed by a Metro-North New Haven line train early Wednesday evening, according the MTA Metro-North.

The 4:37pm train from Grand Central Station to New Haven struck the woman at approximately 5:15pm. Passengers were able to exit at Rye. Westbound trains were bypassing Rye, Port Chester and Greenwich for a time but service has now been restored.

The preliminary investigation of the death does not suspect criminal activity, and it does not appear to be accidental. Where the deceased is from was not immediately available.

Any further updates will be posted on MyRye.com.

UPDATE: Read our update as of Thursday afternoon.


  1. Been commuting to and from work for the better part of three years. In that time I’ve become accustomed to delays and learned to deal with them as they occur. When the conductor mentions ‘police activity,” a certain sadness washes over me because I know what they mean by police activity on a train track, and last night was no different. There is an especially dark place the mind resides in when jumping in front of an oncoming train is the only way to escape from yourself and feel relief.

    May this young lady have finally found the peace that eluded her in life.

  2. Presumption should be cautious in such sad and serious matter. We need to be patient and allow time for a complete due process and investigation. May the young lady Rest In Peace.


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