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The OG on Rye Football: Garnets Travel to Fox Lane Friday, September 23rd @ 6pm (Revised, Earlier Time)

Steve "The OG" Feeney
Steve “The OG” Feeney

Rye Garnet football travels to Fox Lane this Friday, September 23rd at 6:00pm – watch it live.

For the game preview, we turn to the OG:


People ask the Old Garnet many questions about Rye Garnet football lore.

This week’s most FAQ: “How did you learn all the Rye Garnet Football cheers and spirit songs”?

The Answer:

Until the 1990s there was no Rye Middle School and the high school building housed grades seven through twelve (7-12) making it a six-grade high school – the customary grade structure of the times. The 6th grades were located in Milton, Midland and Osborn until 1991.

In the Bedini Era (Head Football Coach Ben Bedini – 1954 to 1961), the Rye High School GO (General Organization)(Student Government) sold tickets to all the away football games to include bus transportation and game admission. It was not unusual for Rye to send four yellow school busses stuffed with students to its road contests.

Besides the students on the bus, there were at least two cheerleaders and two to four members of the band on board. While the busses drove to the game’s location the cheerleaders yelled and the band members tweeted and drummed all the Rye Garnet spirit songs and cheers for the entire trip.

Were those busses ever loud and proud what with screaming young voices cascading down off the metallic interior bus roof. One could not avoid joining in for “Cheer for Rye High”, “On Rye High School” and even the “Alma Mater”. From such excursions and experiences the spirit of Rye High School was inculcated in its students, one of which was me.


It was a welcome break in the season’s home opener against the Nyack Red Hawks. Rye taloned the hawk wings tethering the birds early in the first half and leading by a comfortable 36-0 halftime margin. The second half flew as Rye ran the ball on every play and the clock operator switched to “running time” with no game clock stoppages.


Talley-Ho its off to Fox Lane we go.

One would think the Garnets would have had a long-standing spat with the FOX LANE FOXES, but no, the Garnet & Black have only fox-hunted once (2019) in the last thirty years. Rye pens the Foxes in their den by a 4-2-0 (.667) count.  Are these Red and White foxes Disney cute and devious or Brer Fox cunning and sneaky, knowing that a home game in the Foxes woodsy 684 lair brings safety. The Garnets find out this Friday. Be sure to arrive early for a revised 6:00pm kick-off, not the regular 7:00pm start.

Watch out Garnets the Foxes and Section One schedulers have perfectly positioned this as a “Trap Game”. Don’t be caught off-guard peering beyond Fox Lane to the October 8 traditional rivalry game with the Huskies. If your focus is looking ahead to the dogs, the foxes will steal this game.

It won’t be a hike in the woods, but in another second half rally the Garnets trap the Foxes 27-13 and breathe a bit easier, now able to enter the Harrison game with a clean slate in what has become a rare “Battle of the Unbeatens”.

FLUSTER THE FOXES                         FLUSTER THE FOXES                         FLUSTER THE FOXES                         FLUSTER THE FOXES              


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