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Inside MyRye.com with Intern Lainey Noga

(PHOTO: MyRye.com Spring 2022 intern Lainey Noga.)
(PHOTO: MyRye.com Spring 2022 intern Lainey Noga.)

MyRye.com welcomes interns from the City of Rye. If you have an interest in writing, editing or photography, please get in touch with us. One of our Rye High School senior interns in the Spring of 2022 was Lainey Noga. She completed this Q&A interview with us at the conclusion of her internship.

Your Name: Lainey Noga

Your Title: MyRye.com Spring 2022 intern

MyRye.com: Describe yourself in one word: Open-minded

What appealed to you about local journalism and the MyRye.com internship? 

Noga: I’ve always loved to write, and I developed an interest in journalism in high school after working in editorial positions for Rye High School’s yearbook and newspaper. Once I heard about the MyRye.com internship, I knew it’d be a great way to get experience that could help me determine whether I wanted to further pursue journalism.

Describe a typical day during your internship.

Noga: Every morning, we would have a stand-up meeting with Jay on Google Meet to ask questions and go over our progress. Often, we would have people who have worked in local journalism serve as guest speakers during these meetings so that we could learn a little bit more about the industry. After this daily meeting, we would get to work on our individual assignments by sending emails, writing articles, or heading into Rye to pitch our projects to people or take photos at events.

Tell us about one or two of your assignments.

Noga: My favorite assignment was sports reporting. Every morning I would check the Rye athletics schedule for the day, then send out an email to all the coaches that had games that day reminding them to submit game stories. Once these stories came in, I would write game stories on WordPress and attach photos. Jay would look over my article before posting it to MyRye.com

What happens at the 10am stand-up meeting?

Noga: At the 10am stand-up meeting, each intern gets a chance to take Jay and the other interns through their work and schedule. It’s a chance to ask any questions or get clarifications and tips on our assignments.

The MyRye.com interns heard from seven guest speakers, all with connections to local media. What were three of the more interesting things you learned?


  1. I learned from Liz Giegerich that internships can be a great way to get real experience in journalism because they often send you out into the field to cover real events. 
  2. I learned from Lisa Buchman that, when you live in the city you are reporting on, local journalism involves a lot of personal interactions with people you know.
  3. I learned from Chris Falcone that you don’t need to know exactly what you want to do in college in order to succeed in a career in journalism.

Where are you headed to college?

Noga: I’m headed to Amherst College in Massachusetts!

Do you plan to study writing, English or journalism as part of your academic and extracurricular activities?

Noga: I am definitely contemplating a major in English. Amherst doesn’t have a specific journalism major, but I am planning on taking a plethora of writing and media classes and writing for the school paper.

Thanks and best of luck Lainey!

This Q&A was completed in June 2022 when Noga was completing her MyRye.com internship.


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