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Q&A: RHS Junior & Human Rights Award Winner AJ Miller

This past week the Rye City Human Rights Commission announced four individuals – three youths and one adult – were the recipients of its annual human rights awards. Today meet 2022 Rye Youth Human Rights Award winner and Rye High School junior AJ Miller.

(PHOTO: Bridges Club members making photobooks.)
(PHOTO: Bridges Club members making photobooks. Miller is third from the left.)

Your Name: AJ Miller

Your Role: Co-Founder of the Bridges Club at Rye High School

The name the award: 2022 Rye Human Rights Award from the Rye City Human Rights Commission

MyRye.com: Describe yourself in one word.

Miller: Distinct

Where do you live in Rye or Rye Neck?

Miller: Old Post Road near the high school

(PHOTO: Bridges Club founders Lily Mann, AJ Miller and Cameron Holler.)
(PHOTO: Bridges Club founders Lily Mann, AJ Miller and Cameron Holler.)

Tell us about the activity that led to the award.

Miller: I was nominated for this award due to my work with the Bridges Club. The mission of the club is to create a ‘bridge’ between students with special needs and students without. We spend lunches together, plan parties, and celebrate the holidays with each other. For too long students of special needs are viewed as outsiders and not a part of the school culture, and the bridges club plans to end that.

Why did you get started in this area–what or who prompted you to become involved?

Miller: It started when I was selected as a student ambassador to help incoming freshmen get used to high school life. I was assigned to the G.A.R.N.E.T. crew and grew a strong relationship with them very quickly. We realized very quickly that seeing them once a month was not enough for these kids and my co-founders Lily Mann, Cameron Holler, and I decided to do more. We also found how alone the group was and they spent all of their days only with themselves and their aids. Particularly during lunch, we created the club to provide inclusivity for them and now have over 60 members who are all a huge part of the success. Best lunch buddies anyone could ever want.

Who nominated you for the award?

Miller: I was nominated by Dr. Meyer, our assistant principal, without his help Bridges would have never happened. This award also belongs to my co-founders Lily and Cam, the work they do is tremendous.

How did you hear you won the award?

Miller: I had no idea I was even nominated, I got a text from Ms. Rita [
Rita Capek, head of the Rye Human Rights Commission] and then a call to tell me I had been chosen as a recipient.

(PHOTO: Talking up the Bridges Club at the Rye High School club fair.)
(PHOTO: Talking up the Bridges Club at the Rye High School club fair.)

What’s next?

Miller: The club is thriving in its first year so the only plans are to finish this year strong and build upon it for next year. We plan to get even more members to join and include field trips with the group. It is very important to me that when I graduate the club is still going strong. Making sure that this is a long-term solution for students with special needs.

Outside this work, what are three of your favorite things to do in and around Rye?


  1. I love to work out in the gym and then go to the field to do field work as well.
  2. One of my favorite and most calming things for me is to walk at night listening to music. Playland is so extremely peaceful and night and the polar plunges are the keys to removing anxiety.
  3. I enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family and will often be seen at Shenorock Shore Club with them.

Thanks AJ!



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