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PD Responds to Suicidal Male on Metro North Tracks

Rye train station - Metro-North Railroad IMG_4078Rye police officers responded to a call of a possibly suicidal male on the train tracks by the Rye Metro North train station. Officers Jesse Calcagni, Stefano Silvestri, Christopher Salguero, Joao Anjo, Gary Strebel, Alexander Whalen, and Will Draper, along with Sergeants Kevin Pallone and Lansing Hinrichs responded to the scene after the PD received a call around 3pm the afternoon of Friday, February 3rd.

The officers quickly identified that the male was armed with a box cutter and a screwdriver. After the subject failed to comply with repeated requests by the officers to drop the weapons, an officer attempted to subdue the subject through less-than-lethal measures by deploying TASER, which was ineffective on the subject.

The subject, who had cut his wrist and neck with the items in his possession, was subsequently taken to the ground, secured by the officers, and provided first aid until relieved by medical personnel who transported him to the hospital.

In a statement the PD said it “would like to recognize the quick response and lifesaving efforts of these officers who risked their personal safety by both proceeding on the train tracks prior to a stoppage of the trains, as well as for physically securing an armed subject prior to him causing more harm to himself.”


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