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Girls Varsity Lacrosse Pained by Suffern

Rye Girls Varsity Lacrosse 2023-04-20-2023 vs Suffern

Rye Girls Varsity Lacrosse was pained by Suffern on Thursday, coming up short at home 8-11.

“We had an absolute battle with section 1 powerhouse Suffern tonight under the lights,” said Rye Girls Varsity Lacrosse Coach Michelle Mason. “The Garnets got off to a hot start and were dominant throughout the field. The Mounties grabbed momentum and we struggled to capitalize on possessions. Mackenzie Chimento had a stellar, well-rounded game for the Garnets. We fought hard until the very end and have a lot to be proud of, and to learn from heading into our Yorktown game this Saturday on the road.”

Game highlights included:

  • Caroline Doyle – 1G 2GB 1CT
  • Mali White – 1A 2DC 3CT
  • Mary Sack – 1G 2DC
  • Della Goodman – 2G 1GB 1CT
  • Mackenzie Chimento – 1G 5DC 3GB 2CT
  • Lilly Whaling – 3G 4DC
  • Taylor Bainbridge – 1CT
  • Shay Ott – 1CT
  • Karenna Chader – 1S 6GA
  • Katherine Ebeling – 5S 5GA

Varsity is now 5-4. Watch the replay. The Garnets travel to Yorktown on Saturday for an 11am game.


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