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Westchester Children’s Museum Hosts Shark Weekend this Saturday and Sunday

(PHOTO: The Westchester Children's Museum on the Playland boardwalk.)
(PHOTO: The Westchester Children’s Museum on the Playland boardwalk.)

This Saturday July 22nd and Sunday 23rd, The Westchester Children’s Museum will host Shark Weekend. This event hopes to familiarize individuals with the complex yet enigmatic nature of sharks, a commonly misunderstood creature. 

“Shark Weekend is the latest in a series of big weekend events, designed as playful learning events for our community,” said Thomas Sullivan, the executive director of the Westchester Children’s Museum.

Shark Weekend is just one example of the new themed weekend events the museum will host. Each month, there will be one themed weekend devoted to one concept. Educators and administrators at the Westchester Children’s Museum hope these events will diversify the educational boundaries of the establishment, along with developing more hands-on activities that coincide with the academic teachings. 

There are a myriad of different events to look forward to during Shark Weekend, including  dissolving seashells, following shark trackers, participating in the sinking boat challenge, mermaid’s purse charcoal sketching, and even sorting shark teeth. These events and activities encourage an interdisciplinary approach to science, all while enabling the participants to utilize a hands-on approach to learning.

Big Weekend events are included in the cost of daily admission. See more information on the Shark Weekend.


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