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Yearbook Project: Christopher Albino, RHS Class of 1974

MyRye.com is starting a new series called the Yearbook Project. We are highlighting members of the Rye High School Class of 1999 (celebrating their 25th reunion in 2024) and the Rye High School Class of 1974 (celebrating their 50th reunion in 2024).

If you graduated RHS ’99 or ’74, or if you know someone who did, please get in touch with us.

Today, meet Christopher Albino of the Rye High School Class of 1974.

Your name: Christopher Albino

Rye High School Class of: 1974

(PHOTO: Chris Albino of the Class of 1974.)
(PHOTO: Christopher Albino of the Class of 1974.)

MyRye.com: Who were your favorite teachers at Rye High School? 

Albino: Lou Drago (gym) – Mr. Drago was a gym coach and my baseball coach. Knew my family background growing up and kept an eye out for me. Always looked at him as almost a second dad. Cared about me as both an athlete and a young teen growing up in a challenging family dynamic. He treated me with respect and compassion.

What were your favorite sports or extracurricular activities at Rye High School? 


  1. Baseball – co-captain of team in 1974. Played varsity as a starter for two years.
  2. Socializing with friends at lunch time – we would eat on the stairs going up to third floor rather than cafeteria. Great guys like Nick Carlucci, Kevin Dempsey, Greg Biernat, Peter Beckman, Anthony Stella.
  3. Gym class…everything but gymnastics and the ropes!  I had no artistic abilities at all, so everything was sports oriented.

(PHOTO: Chris Albino smacks a base hit for his Babe Ruth team, the Mustangs, in 1970.)
(PHOTO: Christopher Albino smacks a base hit for his Babe Ruth team, the Mustangs, in 1970.)

Tell us about the street in Rye you grew-up on: 

Albino: In my early days I lived on Mayfield Street off Milton Road by the cemetery.  Lived there until I was about 11. Friends were Mark, Gary, and Jay Warga; Eileen, Kim, Ginna, and Sue Langer; and Paul, Billy, and Anthony Santoro. Always held a 4th of July Parade from Mayfield Street to Ellsworth Street. Disbrow and Hill Street were the local sleigh riding locations. The woods at Disbrow was used for everything from playing army to swinging on a rope and jumping into the huge leaf pile.

Moved to Midland Avenue when I was about 12. Always played football on side street or at the Rec in the snow, speed ball at Midland School or the Rec against tennis backboards. Sleigh riding down the hill on Sylvan Avenue or in the woods at Midland School. Friends were Brian Mecca, Anthony Stella, Mark Morzello, Perry Bartlett, Rich Batista. Tight knit group and all good athletes. Tough neighborhood but we all had each other’s back.

(PHOTO: The July 4th parade down Ellsworth Avenue in the 1960s.)
(PHOTO: The July 4th parade down Ellsworth Street in the 1960s.)

Where would you and your friends hang out in Rye? 

Albino: Due to family circumstances, I was living on my own above Wally’s Dugout bar on Purdy Street at the age of 16. I often hung out at my best friend’s Nick Carlucci’s house down in his basement listening to Beatle albums and other music. Spent a ton of time at Playland and the beach when younger like everyone else. Did not have a wide circle of friends so spent much of my time alone, especially after moving to the Dugout.

Where do you live now?  

Albino: Currently live in Stratford, CT. Lived in Rye for about 7 years after graduating in 1974. Used to live above the framing shop on Elm Place across from the Little Club, sharing an apartment with Pat Hurley and another friend.

(PHOTO: Chris Albino's yearbook photo from 1974.)
(PHOTO: Christopher Albino’s yearbook photo from 1974.)

What have you done since the day you graduated high school? 

Albino: Worked at Rye Country Boarding Kennels for four years while getting my college degree in Business Admin from Mercy College. Went to Pace University and got my MS in Computer Science in 1986. Worked for Prodigy Services as a programmer/analyst for 9 years, and then IBM for 22 years as a project manager in IT. Finished up at Dell Corporation in project management and server migrations. Married now for 36 years and have two children – Christopher who is 35 and Alison who is 30. Both live in Stratford as well.

In 2009 I organized our class’s 35th anniversary reunion. It was held at the Coveleigh Club in Rye and over 125 classmates attended along with their spouses and partners, and it was a rousing success. I am currently organizing our 50th reunion to be held on October 5, 2024, and am working with a committee of classmates on this one – Maureen Holden Josephson, Lisa Stewart, Colette Cohen Ballew, Greg Morra, and Jim Frank. These fine folks also organized three other reunions for our class over the past 20 years and we are all working as a team.

What in your view are the two or three greatest Rye traditions you remember from your high school years?


  • Little League Parade and Opening Day
  • Home football games 
  • Halloween window painting

(PHOTO: Christopher Albino participated in the annual Halloween Window Painting as a child.)
(PHOTO: Christopher Albino participated in the annual Halloween Window Painting as a child.)


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