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Rye Lifer: Elizabeth Antinozzi

Rye Lifers is a MyRye.com series that introduces you to people that have spent their lives in Rye – people who have grown up in Rye, worked in Rye, come back to raise their family in Rye. Do you know someone we should profile for Rye Lifers? Tell us.

Today, meet Elizabeth Antinozzi.

(PHOTO: Rye Lifer Elizabeth Antinozzi with her daughters.)
(PHOTO: Rye Lifer Elizabeth Antinozzi with her daughters.)

Interview by Maya Egan

MyRye.com: Why are you a Rye “Lifer”?

Antinozzi: When I was just 4 years old, my family moved to Rye from New Rochelle and purchased a home here. My family consisted of my parents, John and Mary Jane Anderson and one brother John. Shortly after moving, my brother Michael was born. We had previously lived in an apartment and with a growing family we needed more room a yard to run around in. The close proximity to the beach, park and Playland was a plus. It just so happens I married my husband Scott who was born and raised in Rye as well. We had two daughters, Emily and Caitlin and we decided that we wanted to stay here and give them a chance to grow up in this wonderful town. A safe and beautiful place, just like the one we cherished growing up. Rye has remained my beloved home for the past 50 years.

(PHOTO: Rye Lifer Elizabeth Antinozzi.)
(PHOTO: Rye Lifer Elizabeth Antinozzi.)

Tell us about the street in Rye you grew-up on.

Antinozzi: My brothers and I had the chance to grow up on the small private street of Ridgeland Terrace. There were so many kids our age on the block and we spent every waking moment making memories. The Thompsons, DeMarcos and the Suarino boys were always playing wiffle ball, street hockey or running bases. Summer was the best, we rode bikes and played outside until it was dinner time and sometimes we would go back out and play Manhunt. Winter consisted of snowball fights and sledding at Rye Town Park.

Who was your favorite teacher at Rye High School and what year did you graduate?

Antinozzi: I graduated from Rye High School in 1987. As a student, I had great experience and as a whole all the teachers were great at their craft. I enjoyed social studies the most, Mr. Wixted and Mr. Donelly stood out. Mr. Donelly liked to do the voices of historical figures such as Winston Churchill.

Where do you work in Rye and what do you do?

Antinozzi: I am about to start my 17th year in the Rye City School District as a Teaching Assistant in Special Education classes.

What in your view are the two or three greatest Rye traditions—current or past?


We had many traditions at Rye and my favorite was the Harrison Game and the bonfire the night before.

Thanks Elizabeth!


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