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LETTER: Important to Vote in This Election

In a letter about our recent election coverage (see Meet Your Council Candidates: Interviews & More), resident and former City Council candidate Jana Seitz reminds citizens how important it is to vote in this off-year election.

The letter:

Dear MyRye.com:

(PHOTO: Jana Seitz is the Republican candidate for the Rye City Council special election on November 2, 2021.)
(PHOTO: Jana Seitz.)

Thank you for your coverage of the recent debate between the candidates for Rye City Council. I do, however, disagree with one statement in your article: that the three candidates are “virtually guaranteed to win a Council seat”. This is an off-year election, and such elections historically have a very low turnout.

It is very important that voters turn out for the three candidates actively running for Council: Keith Cunningham (R), Josh Nathan (D) and Jamie Jensen (D). If Lori Fontanes (whose name remains on the ballot even though she is no longer running) gets elected as one of the top 3 of 4 vote getters, the Council and Mayor will determine her replacement when she moves to Paris in 2024. This would effectively take the vote away from the people and would not be in the best interest of Rye.


Jana B. Seitz
Former City Council Candidate (loser!) 2021


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