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9,000 Stories – A Holiday Letter from the Publisher

(PHOTO: Scorched earth with trees on fire as created by Open AI's DALL·E.)
(PHOTO: Scorched earth with trees on fire as created by Open AI’s DALL·E.)

A letter from MyRye.com Publisher Jay Sears

We wish all of our readers a happy holiday and successful 2024.

This year held many milestones but perhaps the most important is the daily work – the community event, the council meeting or the sports score that brings out our shared sense of community in MyRye.com’s local reporting.

Facebook and Google are still eating the world – and that includes capturing ad dollars from local media. We have had local advertisers tell us they are redirecting dollars to Google and Facebook. Financial firms are rolling up and gutting newsrooms. The pandemic was another slap in the face, driving more newsroom layoffs. Increasingly, communities are in news deserts – places with no credible sources of local news.

Poppy's Christmas 2023 IMG_0481If you appreciate our work, please subscribe to our daily newsletter (via our newsletter sign up on the right side of our website). If you run an important business in or around Rye or know someone who does, we need additional advertising support

Like what we do? Don’t like it? Think we should expand our coverage in a certain area? Want to share your view on an issue impacting the City of Rye? Get in touch and introduce yourself.

Many, many people – public officials, local business owners, nonprofit leaders, school officials, teachers and coaches, city employees and many residents – call and email and share information and opinion with us. We thank each of you for your time and your good intentions in making our City and community better.

Our 2023 milestones include:

You often don’t realize what has been accomplished when you are in the thick of it. Certainly we have forgotten some of our highs and lows in the blur of the holiday rush.

Over the next few days you will read interviews from some of our 2023 spring and summer interns about their experience working in community news here at MyRye.com. We look forward to building our community together in 2024.

Happy holidays,


Jay Sears, Publisher, MyRye.com
(PHOTO: Jay Sears is the owner and publisher of MyRye.com.)


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