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Rye’s Christ Church on NBC Television

Christ_church_dr_wendell_phillipsRye’s Christ Church is on NBC television. Well, it was on NBC television. In 1952.

Video blogger and Reverend Matthew Moretz of Christ Church has posted another installment of his video series on YouTube. Routing thru the churches archives (it looks a lot like a standard disorganized closet in the video), Moretz discovers some excellent historical photos from the 1950s.

The photos show church rector Dr. Wendell Phillips delivering a televised service over the NBC-TV airwaves on September 21, 1952 to a television congregation reported at 2.4 million.

2.4 million. Not bad. Moretz’s video on YouTube only has 1,138 views as of this writing. Help him out and watch the vid. He has a lot of work to do to catch-up with Dr. Phillips:


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