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Rye Merchants: Rhythm and Peace on Purchase

Who’s the new merchant on Purchase Street? Rhythm in Rye Too! (85 Purchase Street, 921-1117)

Meet the proprietor: Renee Drummond

Rhythm in Rye Renee Drummond

What does this business bring to Rye?

Rhythm in Rye Too brings just that to the town, Rhythm! This new business is a unique consignment shop with a go green approach and commitment to world peace.

How does a consignment shop in the small community of Rye create world peace?

Rhythm in Rye outside store shot Being that I am a spiritual life coach, when people come into the shop many of the interactions go beyond buying and selling items. Often times people come in with items from their family, sometimes from someone close to them who has passed away, they release these items and the experience is a cleansing release for them and creates a peaceful healing environment. Sometimes we make purchases based on emotional impulses or feel guilty for having things we don’t use, this store creates an opportunity to share and alleviate this guilt and give away the things that no longer serve us and may serve others.

I’ve experienced your coaching and it’s true, I see that people naturally open up to you and a coaching session can spontaneously start while you shop! Is there a way for people to schedule one with you one on one?

Yes, I’m available at the store to have one or schedule a session before or after store hours as well!

Why did you choose to bring this here to Rye?

I’m originally from Rye and I feel that Rye, like anywhere is a place that can use healing.  

How does the consignment arrangement work for those interested in selling items at your store?

We create a partnership around selling the items for them. We agree on a selling price together, one that gives the shopper the best deal and has the consignor taken care of and satisfied with having their items at the store for the month.

Items only stay 1 month?

Yes, after 1 month the consignor collects 50% of what has sold and the remaining items which haven’t sold.

What types of things can people bring in?

Men’s and women’s clothing, furniture, clothes, hand bags, children’s clothing, toys, books, jewelry, knick-knacks, collectibles and hidden treasures of all kinds! (Check out the $10 treasure chest…) As long as the items are in-season, in good condition and unique, we’ll consider everything

Who shops and sells here?

The intention of the store is unity, so the store is for everyone. From the price conscious to the designer vintage seeker and seller, the opportunity and benefits of sharing what no longer serves you is available to all!

What’s one thing you’d like the community of Rye to know about your store?

We are currently asking for miracle recommendations from people in the community so we can fulfill on someone’s miracle by the end of July. Whether someone is in need of cheering up, or some financial miracle, Rhythm in Rye will assist in achieving the miracle. This is our way of paying it forward and contributing the generous community here in Rye.

At Rhythm in Rye, you’ll meet Rene as well as eclectic collection of employees who are committed to creating great things in Rye as well! Stop in and see who’s there, ask them what they’re committed to and a stand for, they’ll be happy to share with you!

Check out the newly launched website! http://www.rirtoo.com/

….See how by letting go and releasing some things from our lives creates room for something else and allows for something new to be available…

Pamela_2_smallPamela Baur has enjoyed living in Rye since 2007. She works as a project manager with a local entrepreneurial business development firm.


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