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27 Miles for a Lobster Roll

Westfair Fish & Chips

Maybe you missed out on the Cape Cod or Maine vacation this year. Maybe you did not.

Either way, in a final salute to summer, we are recommending the lobster roll at Westfair Fish & Chips. When we went, this hole in the wall joint was serving take out only. It was raining, we waited for our food, and then sat in our van in the nondescript parking lot to eat.

It was delicious.

The hot buttery bun and fresh lobster had me dreaming of my own personal lobster roll highlight reel (if you feel like driving to Maine, go to Reds Eats). The hole in the wall feel will remind you of the other shacks you have enjoyed on family vacations and after long beach days.

For a moment, you might even forget there is a global pandemic raging. All this for $18. Enjoy!

(The directions are below. Leave a comment below if you make the trip or if you have other special hole in the wall lobster roll joints to recommend.)

Westfair Fish & Chips




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