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Rye Schools: No COVID Mandates

Rye High School Nugent Stadium 2020

With the Delta variant rising and causing new COVID spread concerns, Rye schools tell MyRye.com they do not have the legal authority to mandate vaccines or testing. The City of Rye said last Thursday it was taking a wait and see approach to the same issue.

“After conferring with counsel, I do not believe that we have the authority to mandate vaccines or testing,” said Rye City School District boss Eric Byrne. “We have been successfully running a surveillance testing program and anticipate that we will continue to do so in the fall. We are still awaiting guidance from the NYS Department of Health regarding mandates for school reopening in September.”

On Monday, Rye guy and county boss George Latimer announced that 80 percent of adult residents (18+) living in Westchester County have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The 80 percent vaccination rate equates to 653,829 people vaccinated out of a total population of 967,612 in Westchester. “We have a long way to go and COVID is not yet behind us, but these vaccination statistics are proof that we are moving forward, we are united, and we will be stronger because of it,” said Latimer.”


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