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LETTER: Everyone is a Trooper @ Rye Town Park

In a letter, Central Avenue resident E.S. tells us about some heroics at Rye Town Park. We appreciate her recognizing the good deed by Mr. Pete!

(PHOTO: Central Avenue resident E.S. was walking her dog Trooper in Rye Town Park when she lost her hot pink bag.)
(PHOTO: Central Avenue resident E.S. was walking her dog Trooper in Rye Town Park when she lost her hot pink bag.)

Dear Mr. Sears:

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for running such a wonderful local newspaper for our community. This platform has served us well and elevated the quality of our life, and it really makes our community more wholesome.

Also I hope to express my gratitude to our my hero Mr. Pete at Rye Town Park. (I actually never even knew his name until today.)

For the past several years, since I started raising a covid puppy [named Trooper], I go to Rye Town Dog Park regularly. That’s when I often see Mr. Pete. He is there working, even during the really hot and humid days. He seems easy going and warm, but he is definitely a person with principle. At 9 o’clock, he would come over to remind us the loose dogs need to get back on the leash. LOL. He treats everyone fair and square with respect. I salute that.

I carry my purse in the morning walking the dog. Inside the purse, I have my wallet with cash, ID, insurance card, credit cards and a few other important things, and my car key. I was probably out of my mind, and left my purse somewhere when I tried to chase my dog. I did not even notice that I did not have my purse with me anymore until we were back to the car and had no key to open the car door. At that moment, I really panicked. I picked up my dog and started running and screaming “oh, gosh, someone please help, I lost my purse, please help!”

What happened next is an episode of action, motion, emotion, and happy ending. With no second wasted, Mr. Pete told me to get on his working wagon. Swiftly he started driving me through places that I remembered I walked by, and simultaneously through his walkie talky he requested assistance from another Mr. Pete to get to another location ahead of us.

Just as I became so desperate and ready to call my family to freeze my credit cards, Mr. Pete drove me to the last place, there, we met another Mr. Pete, and my hot pink bag is sitting on the bench safe and sound. I finally can tuck my heart back. That moment of relief and joy is almost like I was saved from a heart attack. Without Mr. Pete and Mr. Pete taking quick action, in the busy time in the park, I cannot even image the nightmare that I may have to deal with if losing my purse.

They are my heroes, and they are there to serve our community. Whenever possible, they step up to help. Their presence in our park certainly makes the park a much better place. I wanted to share my experience and hope their great quality is recognized and appreciated.

– Ms. E.S., Central Avenue


  1. Thank you E.S. for recognizing the dedication in service to our park patrons by two of our most valued RTP Rangers Pete D and Pete S. Even under the most trying conditions, they serve with consistency and compassion. It is my honor to work with them and to have ‘The Petes’ on our Rye Town team. Thank you again for taking the time to publicly recognize their dedication and commitment to serve. Russ Gold, RTP Director


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