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RHS Senior Benjamin Mayer Presented With Y’s Woof Haneman Award

(PHOTO: Benjamin Mayer was recently presented with the Woof Haneman Award for his work at Rye YMCA.)
(PHOTO: Benjamin Mayer was recently presented with the Woof Haneman Award for his work at Rye YMCA.)

Reported by Brette Moore, Edited by Matt Capaldi

Rye High School senior Benjamin Mayer was recently presented with the prestigious Woof Haneman award for his outstanding contributions to the Rye YMCA and the local community. The award, named in honor of former Rye resident Woof Haneman, is bestowed upon a senior from Rye High School who actively engages with the Rye YMCA and makes significant contributions to both the school and the community at large. Sabrina Murphy, CEO of the Rye YMCA, had the honor of presenting the award to Benjamin during a special ceremony.

Vickie Tsakmakis, Senior Director of Aquatics/Safety at the Rye YMCA, spoke highly of Mayer’s dedication and commitment to his role as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Since joining the aquatics team, Mayer has consistently displayed the utmost professionalism and a strong work ethic in all of his assignments. His genuine care for the children in the programs, his fellow staff members, and the facility’s patrons is evident in his interactions and efforts.

“Ben has become a wonderful role model and a valued member of our aquatics team,” Tsakmakis said. “He consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that every person he encounters feels included and has a fun and meaningful experience. His relationships with staff and program participants are exemplary, and his impact extends beyond the pool deck. We are immensely proud of Ben and the outstanding young man he has become.”

Mayer goes above and beyond to ensure that every individual feels welcome and enjoys a memorable experience at the pool. His deep-rooted passion for swimming originates from his own upbringing at the Rye YMCA, where he actively participated in swim lessons as a child. Recognizing the positive influence swimming had on his own life, Mayer took it upon himself to share the joy of swimming with others and provide them with equally enriching experiences in the water. Through his unwavering commitment to teaching swimming skills and emphasizing water safety, Benjamin has left an indelible impact on numerous individuals, equipping them with essential lifelong safety skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.


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