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Eating Rye: Zachary Bonder of Noble Pies

(PHOTO: Zachary Bonder of Noble Pies.)
(PHOTO: Zachary Bonder of Noble Pies.)

By Piper Tenney

Eating Rye is an occasional feature to meet the chefs and other professionals in the restaurant kitchens at eating establishments across Rye. When you dine-in, pick-up or call for delivery these are the folks working hard for you, your friends & family and your taste buds. Do you have a suggestion for who we should profile on Eating Rye? Tell us.

Today we meet Zachary Bonder of Noble Pies.

Your Name: Zachary Bonder

Your Role: COO, Owner

The name of your establishment: Noble Pies

MyRye.com: Describe yourself in one word.

Bonder: Authentic

(PHOTO: A Noble apple pie.)
(PHOTO: A Noble apple pie.)

How long have you been working at Noble Pies?

Bonder: Since age 12

Previously, where did you work?

Bonder: Used to own real estate and corporate housing company based in NYC. I have always been an operator of Noble Pies.

Describe your experience helping out with the pie business as a child. 

Bonder: I used to fold pie boxes, pick fruit, cut butter, sell pies at farmers markets, bake pies.

(PHOTO: Zachary Bonder selling Noble Pies on QVC. In 2020 Noble sold 50,000 pies on QVC.)
(PHOTO: Zachary Bonder selling Noble Pies on QVC. In 2020 Noble sold 50,000 pies on QVC.)

How has Noble Pies evolved over time?

Bonder: Beginning 2019 I transitioned to committing 100% of my working hours to growing Noble Pies. We sold 50,000 pies on QVC network in 2020. We went from 3 employees to 39 employees in two years. One storefront to 3 storefronts, and we are now about to be launching our product in grocery stores across eastern US.

What has it been like to run a business with your family? 

Bonder: Working with family has it’s ups and downs. We look out for each-other on a deeper level than a non family member would. I love the level of support I am getting. As a result we treat our staff like they are family and in return we get the same treatment. It’s easier to speak what’s on your mind. We go out of our way to spend not work time with each other to keep our relationships not just about business. We are 100% committed to each-other and our employees. We can’t be successful if we aren’t 100% committed.

Describe your bakery’s clientele.

Bonder: All all ages. Pie is a universally loved dessert.

(PHOTO: Inside Noble Pies on 22 Purdy Avenue in Rye.)
(PHOTO: Inside Noble Pies on 22 Purdy Avenue in Rye.)

Describe the atmosphere of your bakery.

(PHOTO: Noble Pies on 22 Purdy Avenue in Rye.)
(PHOTO: Noble Pies on 22 Purdy Avenue in Rye.)

Bonder: Relaxed, homey, non commercial, old fashioned, fun. Always nice music playing.  A sense of comfort.

Describe the physical attributes of your bakery.

Bonder: You will feel like you are in your living room or dining room in our setting area. It is special.

Match a recommended pie with each season:



Recommended Pie

Warm summer evening

Peach Pie or Key Lime Pie.

Crisp fall afternoon

A nice crisp warmed up apple pie slice with ice cream.

Cold winter day

Chicken Pot Pie with Pecan Pie for dessert.

Muddy wet spring night

Chocolate Cream Pie Or Lemon Meringue.


What is your favorite pie on the menu and why? 

Bonder: Thanksgiving Dinner Pot Pie. It’s everything you’d find on your Thanksgiving Dinner Table in a pie essentially. I cried after eating this pie because it was so good.

What’s the most underrated day of week and time of day to enjoy your bakery? 

Bonder: Mondays! We stay open on Mondays for the public and have buy one get one slice deals every Monday.

Thanks Zachary!

Watch Zachary sell pies on QVC:


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