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Honoring Service: Fallen Veteran Walter Edmundson Bailey, Korean War

Our reporting on local veterans is a collaboration with RyeVets.org to highlight those from Rye who have served our country across times of war and peace. There are over 2,100 veterans from the City of Rye. Learn more about how you can help research and write biographies of those that have served.

Honoring Service - 062023 - Walter Edmundson Bailey
Walter Edmundson Bailey

Walter Edmundson Bailey, born on July 20, 1922 in New York, was a remarkable individual with deep family roots in the town. His father, Charles Bailey Sr, worked as a stone-brick mason under the WPA program. His mother was Mary Bailey. Growing up in a loving household, Walter had a brother named Charles and a sister named Edith. Their family resided at 508 Milton Road and actively participated in the Church of the Resurrection.

Date of Birth: July 20, 1922
Died On: October 11, 1952
Street Address: 18 Oakland Gardens
Service Number: 2237834
Branch of Service: U.S. Navy – USS Kearsarge

Walter’s formative years included being a Boy Scout and attending Rye High School, graduating in the Class of 1940. Shortly after leaving high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy in August 1940. Walter underwent basic training at Newport RI and embarked on a journey of service during World War II and the Korean War. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, he was already aboard the carrier USS Anzio, which had departed the naval base a few days earlier.

Tragically, during World War II, Walter’s brother, serving as Seaman 1/c Charles W. Bailey Jr., lost his life in the sinking of the USS Juneau during a naval battle in the Solomon Islands in November 1942.

By 1952, after 12 years of dedicated naval service, Walter had achieved the rank of Aviation Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class and was stationed on the aircraft carrier USS KEARSARGE CV-33, with the service number 2237834.

During his service in the Korean War, Petty Officer Third Class Walter Bailey faced a harrowing incident that resulted in his untimely death on October 11, 1952. The circumstances surrounding his passing were recorded as a Non-Hostile Death, occurring in Korea. On that day, while the ship’s helicopter was being parked with its rotors engaged, it unfortunately tipped over, claiming the lives of four crewmen, including Walter, and injuring six others.

Walter Edmundson Bailey, the beloved second son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bailey, made the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life in service of his country. More on Bailey.


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