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STOPPING at City Hall this Thursday

A letter signed by over 40 Bradford Park residents with a second request for the installation of a 4-way STOP sign at the intersection of Bradford Avenue and Florence Avenue has been sent to Mayor Steve Otis, Assistant City Manager Scott Pickup and Traffic and Transit Committee Chairman Brian Dempsey.

We will be attending the Traffic and Transit Committee meeting at City Hall this Thursday, January 11th at 7:30pm to follow-up on this issue. Stories tracking the last six months of this issue can be found here.


  1. We fully support this proposal. We have three children and a dog and are not able to let them cross the street to their friends homes less then a quarter mile away. People pick up speed at this junction and we support slowing them dowm.

    Thank you for all the work you do to keep Rye safe. We know you get a lot of requests, please know that we have a lot of children that would benefit.

    Many thanks,

    Kate and Mark Ward

  2. Good evening. We live on York Avenue and have two young boys. One of the reasons we loved this neighborhood was the safety of our enclave and tight-knit families all around us. We also loved the idea of our boys, eventually with friends in tow, riding bikes or walking down to the “duck pond” or even just reaching the milestone of riding “around the block.” Unfortunately, we have not been able to do either. It is DEFINITELY not safe enough even for our 10-year old to judge the speed of cars coming down Bradford. As a driver of a vehicle it is difficult enough to judge on-coming traffic as well as the many drivers who fail to use directionals and OFTEN fail to yield right of way at that intersection. A STOP sign would force all to follow the common rules of the road and allow children to learn to obey STOP signs and enjoy the neighborhhod in ways they have never been able to in the past. The installation of a STOP sign will be a great benefit to many of the young Rye families for many, many years!

    Thank you for your consideration.

    The Fox Family
    27 York Avenue
    Rye, NY

  3. My family and I have been residents of Florence Avenue, Rye since July 2001. Our house is located at the southeast corner of Florence and Bradford Avenues. We were instantly attracted to the neighborhood because of the number of young families in the area. Shortly after moving in, it became apparent to my late husband and I that many cars traveled at speed down Bradford Avenue. To ensure the safety of our youngest child, it was necessary to erect a fence around our property. Even now, at age 9, I will not allow my youngest child to walk across the intersection of Bradford Avenue and Florence Avenue unsupervised. I wholly support the petition for “All Way Stop” signs on Bradford/Florence in an effort to slow down traffic and ensure the safety of all the children in our neighborhood.
    Marian McLoughlin and Family


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