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STOP Sign on the (Rye) Record

Rye_record_it_takes_a_neighborhood_02232_1 Bradford Park’s request for a 4-way STOP at Bradford and Florence Avenue has made front page news again, this time in the venerable Rye Record. Competing with the YMCA’s Barefoot Bash and Elliot Spitzer’s verbal tongue lashing of George Latimer last week in Mamaroneck for ink, Editor and Publisher Robin Thrush Jovanovich penned the story "It Takes a Neighborhood" outlining the seven month effort of 40+ Bradford Park residents to secure the 4-way STOP from the City.

The story includes observations from Bradford Park residents Kim Potter and Jay Sears. It also concludes with Councilman Matt Fahey noting that city council is "committed to moving the regulatory process forward for Bradford Park."



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