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Rye Flood Videos

This video shows Beaver Swamp Book overflowing on Park Avenue and the Park Avenue bridge on the Rye – Harrison border. Millions of dollars have been spent restoring the Beaver Swamp Brook wetlands to prevent flooding such as this. Some homes were unreachable due to flooding. The Rye fire department had to rescue some people from their homes by pontoon boat.

This video shows massive flooding looking down Elm Place from Theodore Fremd towards Purchase Street in downtown Rye.


  1. Jay:

    Just for a future point of reference, the restoration of the BSB wetlands restoration project was actually a pollution remediation project and a wetlands project. The nTown/Village of Harrison independently pursued a third project (the restoration of Oakland Ave) which is also having an impact on the BSB site. It was not funded as a flood control project. In order to materially impact the hydrology of the BSB and help to alleviate flooding the Blind Brook riverine corridor through Mam’k will need to be lowered so it can flow unrestricted through to Mam’k Harbor. We have had inititial talks with Mam’k Village officials on this issue, and are looking to pursue a joint project since most of the work and impacts are going to be in Mam’k.


  2. Just curious as to who in Mam’k you have spoken to. We need to get together with the entire neghborhood in both Harrison & Rye.

    I spoke at the last town bd meeting regarding this flooding, ( I am one of the homes on Park Ave that lost 3 rooms), and will pursue this however long it takes.

    Pls contact me

    Michael LaDore

  3. Michael:

    I have been working with Rob Yamuder AVM from Mam’k. All three communities are members of LISWIC (Long Island Sound Watershed Intermunicipal Council). The Harrison rep is Mr. Wasp the head of the DPW. Ultimately, we are hoping that with some assistance from LISWIC we can work through the challenges of the scope of the project and get a realistic proposal for some action.

    Scott Pickup

  4. In connection with this item: Mr. La Dore and I have spoken on a number of occasions regarding this situation, the latest at the public hearing on Harrison’s revised Master Plan. I have been investigating the Harrison side of the Beaver Swamp Brook project for a couple of years. I just cannot understand why Harrison continues support this situation. After the March 2nd flooding, I was out there with a digital camera recording the level of the flooding. I have photos of the flooding at various points along the brook as it runs through Harrison/Rye to Mamaroneck. I also spoke at the recent Harrison Town Board meeting. I contested the description of the flooding given by the Board in response to Mike’s comments. I was out there again with my camera on Wednesday to record the impact of the snow melt. I am continuing to research the entire Beaver Swamp Brook Remediation project and Harrison’s “Project Homerun” recreational facilities project. The remediation was an important project to complete. However, the backfilling and leveling of the area has increased the potential for flooding. Someone dropped the ball when they implemented what appears to be the wrong job. I was unaware that an organization (LISWIC) existed.

  5. There has been a positive response on the flooding in Rye & Harrison due to the Project Home Run/Beaver Swamp Project over the last few weeks. Joe is doing a great job in research,(thank you) and I am happy to see so many people responding to my door to door letter.And finally, now that Rye City is involved,we have at least a half a shot of suspending this project for now.

    However, while Scott has been working with the Village of Mam’k, it seems no one has spoken to the Rye Neck School district BOE. They need to be kept up to date.
    I have corresponded with them and they are still out of the loop.

    Hopefully with all of the letters to the NYSDEC and with the help of our State Assemblymen, County Legislators and Congresswoman, the DEC will postpone a decision on allowing Harrison to bring in another 10,000 cubic yards of fill (Displacing about 2 million more gallons of water)

    Bottom line: This project needs to be put on hold until all of the residents of Harrison and Rye get an independent study of old water levels versus new, Adjusted base flood elevations, etc.

    And finally, to all of you on both sides of the border….thank you for pursuing this. We can and we will fix this problem.

  6. Thanks to the City of Rye and all of the Harrison & Rye residents who wrote to the NYSDEC regarding the flooding at Beaver Swamp Brook/Project Home Run.

    It appears that the DEC has delayed the decision on Harrisons application to bring in another 10,000 cubic yards of fill onto the project until April 16th.

    So, there is still much work to be done to stop this project until someone can figure out how to stop the flooding.

    Anyone interested in joining this effort can write to me at 277 Park Ave Harrison NY 10528, or email me at mladore@verizon.net or call and leave a message at 914 835 2026.


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