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Home Sports Rye's Apawamis Club to Host #1 Women's Squash Player Nicol David

Rye’s Apawamis Club to Host #1 Women’s Squash Player Nicol David

Rye’s Apawamis Club will host the number one women’s squash player in the world this January. From January 30th to February 4th, the club hosts the 2008 Apawamis Open, an international squash competition with a $60,000 prize.

Women squash players from all over the world will travel to Rye, including Nicol David, the 24 year old Malaysian player ranked number one in the world. Nicol_david_squash Apawamis built its first squash courts in 1904 and claims it was the third such country club in the nation to have offered squash to its members. (PHOTO, ABOVE: CIMB Malaysia Open Women’s Champion, Nicol David lifting up her trophy after winning the competition. Courtesy: Kamal Sell)


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