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Real Estate Update February 2008

Single Family Homes (week ending 2/1/08):

On the Market:  62

In Contract:  14

Shop Talk:

Sixty-two single family homes have sold in Rye City in the past six months, compared to eighty-two during the same time period last year. Twenty or 32.25% of the recent sales have a sales price of $1,000,000 or less for a median price of $818,300.  Forty two or 67.74% of the homes have a sales price higher than $1,000,000 for a median price of $1,842,500.


Nursery School Crunch

Most of my clients coming up from the city have at least one child, and often, one on the way. Once the contract is signed, one of the first questions I am asked is, "Is it too late to sign up for preschool?"

Rye_pres_nursery_school(PHOTO: Rye Presbyterian Nursery School) Although not as competitive or pricey as Manhattan’s private schools, it can be a scramble to get into preschool in Rye. No longer simply finger painting and a snack, the area’s top early childhood programs focus on the development of the child in a supportive, nurturing atmosphere. Rye City’s four prekindergarten programs are each affiliated with a religious institution. Your family does not need to belong to the congregation in order to secure a spot, although in most cases members will be given priority and/or a discount on tuition. All schools have recently passed their sign-up for the next school year, except Rye United Methodist, which has ongoing registration. However, spots can often be filled from the waiting list before September.

Resurrection Grammar School is a Roman Catholic parish school for grades prekindergarten through 8.  In addition to the twice weekly 2 year old programs, Resurrection offers pre-k 3 and 4 year old Montessori programs. Using this teaching model, 6-8 three year olds, and 6-8 four year olds share the classroom with approximately 10 kindergartners (the preschoolers alternate morning and afternoon sessions and the kindergartners attend a full day). The basis of Montessori practice is respected individual choice in work and play, as opposed to group lessons led by an adult. Resurrection is located at 116 Milton Road in Rye. www.resurrectionschool.com.

Rye Community Synagogue’s Early Childhood Center offers programs for children ages 2-5.  The two year olds have a 3 and 5 day option; three and four year olds have a morning session from 9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. with an option to participate in an afternoon program. The ECC focuses on a nurturing environment where the children learn through play. It’s developmentally appropriate curriculum is designed to "stimulate a child’s mind, encourage the development of a positive self image, and to foster good social skills", according to its website. Community Synagogue is located at 200 Forest Avenue in Rye. www.comsynrye.org.

Rye Presbyterian Nursery School is a "Reggio" inspired and NAEYC accredited nursery school for ages two through five. Learning through play is also the cornerstone of the program at Presbyterian. The children participate in free play, circle time, and often learn through interaction with classroom pets. Rye Presbyterian also offers a "play-school" program for younger children in addition to the more structured "twos". Rye Presbyterian is located at 882 Boston Post Road in Rye. www.rpnskids.org.

Rye United Methodist Nursery School. Rye Methodist’s NAEYC accredited program is characterized by its open classroom environment where children learn through "literature, art, movement, block building, science and math", according to its website. An important aspect of this program is the "Helping Parent" component. Once per month, each family is assigned a day to help with their child’s group. Unlike the others, Rye Methodist has an ongoing registration until all spots are filled. There are still some afternoon spots available, according to Director Lucia Vassallo. United Methodist is located at 964 Boston Post Road in Rye. www.rumns.org.

Nursery School Cheat Sheet

Wait List? Yes
Tuition Fees? On site
Religious Affiliation? Catholic
Priority to members?  Yes
Phone number? 914-967-1218

Community Synagogue         
Wait List? Yes
Tuition Fees? Call
Religious Affiliation? Jewish
Priority to members?  Yes
Phone number? 914-967-6262

Rye Presbyterian      
Wait List? Yes
Tuition Fees? On site
Religious Affiliation? Presbyterian
Priority to members?  Yes
Phone number? 914-967-2073

Wait List? No
Tuition Fees? On site
Religious Affiliation? Methodist
Priority to members?  Yes
Phone number? 914-921-1939

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Judy_croughan_2_5February Market Update and Article written by Judy Croughan, Licensed Realtor, Coldwell Banker Rye.                                    


  1. I don’t know why the writer didn’t mention Christ Church Nursery School. It is a popular and accredited nursery school for children ages 1 – 5. It is affiliated with Christ Church, an Episcopal Church and is located on Rectory Street. The phone number is 967 – 5758.

  2. We recently moved to beautiful Rye from NYC for our son to enjoy the great outdoors. Ironically, the condo we purchased….with plenty of common area lawn space…is charging $100 per child per day for children playing outside. Is this legal? We are broken-hearted, and the Westchester Fair Housing Dept (who was handling the case) lost funding.
    Any suggestions? We truly love Rye.

  3. Not sure of the validity of the previous comment(Concerned Rye Parent). I checked with Ann Seligsohn of the Westchester Fair Housing Department (which HAS funding) as well as Richard Haggerty of the Westchester Board of Realtors legal department, and this appears unfounded.

  4. I had spent months on the phone with the woman named below of Fair Housing. Two other families from our complex came forth. We were told we had a strong discrimination case, but unfortunately there was a budget cut and they would not be able to help us. If you know of any fair housing lawyers, please forward any information.

    Pei-Fang Fang
    Intake Analyst
    Fair Housing Justice Center5 Hanover Square, 17th Floor
    New York, NY 10004
    212) 400 – 8214

  5. I am the Director of the ECC program at the Community Synagogue. You omitted the fact that we are a licensed day care center, that also has a Pre-K program for young 5’s, that is all day. Also our 4’s stay all day 2 times a week, and half a day 3 times a week, exactly like the kindergerten in Rye.


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