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Ben Franklin’s Milestone 24; American History in Rye

Dsc00613If that history class or history book is getting a little dull, just take a walk.

We have spoken about our friend Benjamin Franklin and his travels thru Rye setting up mile markers along The Boston Post Road for the 254 miles between New York City and Boston. We found Franklin’s milestone number 24 along the Post Road by the Jay House.

According to this Associated Press article:

"Franklin was put in charge of the colonial postal system by the British government in the mid-18th century. His first challenge: overcoming the suspicions of his Yankee customers, who were sure they were being cheated on postage that was assessed by the mile.

So in the summer of 1753 Franklin set out on the Boston Post Road in a carriage with a homemade odometer attached to the wheel. Every mile a stake was driven into the ground. A crew followed behind, setting stone markers."

Dsc00607To find the mile marker, park at the Jay House or just inside the driveway of the Marshlands Conservancy. Walk along The Boston Post Road so, when facing the Jay House, you are just to the right of the front door. You will see the red-ish mile marker embedded on the stone wall.

If you look very closely, one can actually see the number "24" still barely visible on the mile marker. A small plaque is also affixed which says:

"This is one of some 230 markers erected on the Boston Post Road in 1763.

Their locations were fixed by Benjamin Franklin, then Deputy Postmaster General, who for that purpose drove a chaise with a distance recorder over the route.

Restored to this its original position June 1st, 1927, by the Village of Rye.

"Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set." (Proverbs XXII, Verse 28.)"



  1. There is also a marker along the rock wall accross from Parkway Dr. on BPR just before you get to The traffic light where Old Post Road begins. It is number 25!


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