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Spitzer Follies, From Left to Right

The following opinion piece is written by Superpolitico, an imaginary political being who speaks in the third person and actually speaks his mind.

One of the things Superpolitico likes best about the Rye Sound Shore Review is when they call up local notables–usually elected officials–and ask for a quote on an issue. Recently they asked local pols what they think about the Spitzer follies.

SuperpoliticoMost amusing and distressing is now our local pols line up on the issue from left to right. Starting from the left and working our way right, thanks to the Sound Shore Review:

George Latimer, Assemblyman and Democrat: "I wish Mr. Spitzer well." Superpolitico: "I hope the guy chokes on his breakfast cereal."

Nita Lowey, Congresswoman and Democrat: "My thoughts and prayers remain with the Spitzer family." Superpolitico: "My one thought is the guy’s wife has a slam dunk divorce case."

Joseph Mondello, Chairman, New York State Republican Committee: "The stunning allegations of Governor Spitzer’s personal involvement in an interstate prostitution ring are a shocking disappointment…" Superpolitico: "What’s with the cynical high road? At least this did not happen in a bathroom stall in the Minneapolis airport."

Michael Long, Chairman, New York State Conservative Party: "… resign immediately. Any delay, any vacillation can only deepen public disgust…" Superpolitico" "You would be saying the same thing if this never happened and the issue at hand was campaign finance reform."


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