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Nasty Nanny at Rye Recreation

Nanny_binocularsIt is every parent’s nightmare–leaving your kids in the hands of mean, hurtful caregivers. Or worse. Started by a 38 year old woman in Greenwich, a web site called I Saw Your Nanny allows anyone to report nanny negligence.

And if your nanny takes your kids to Rye Rec, read on. A posting from two weeks ago reports on one nasty nanny:

"…the little girl peed in her dress, getting it all over the front and back of it. The brother told on her and the nanny lit into her for it. Asking her to say slowly and loudly "it will never happen again", saying it again and again. Just really, really berating her for having an accident. Then she made her have a time out in the soaked clothes…

It was so sad, I was there with all three of my kids and watched this whole miserable situation. the nanny never offered to change her or offered one second of kindness to them, that was the only time she interacted with the kids."

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