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Rye Gas Rip-Offs

Gas_arm_legAccording to the Journal News, Rye has the highest gas prices in Westchester County. Tattoo the word sucker on your forehead if you gas up at the Shell gas station on the Boston Post Road where you will pay a whopping $4.75/gallon for regular self service gas.

The report is based on an ongoing bi-monthly study of gas prices by the Westchester County Department of Consumer Protection. Of the seven gas stations in Rye, the Getty Station at 1 Boston Post Road near the Mamaroneck town line has the lowest reported price for self serve regular gas at $4.31/gallon. If you are filling up a 20 gallon guzzler, that’s an $8.80 savings from the price gouging operation up the road.

The average gas price in June was $4.44 and the lowest price was reported in Pelham at $4.19. Our favorite service station, Al’s (also on the Post Road) stopped serving gas last year.


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