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Theall Road’s Smooth Finish

Theall_road_rye_ny_dsc02804Rye’s Theall Road is open and now provides smooth sailing after and extensive re-paving project. The project also included the installation of a sidewalk from Osborn Road down to one of the back enterances of The Osborn retirement community.

The sidewalk has to be a welcome addition to employees of The Osborn, many of whom trudge from the Harrison train station and used to walk down a muddy and broken Theall Road sans sidewalk. The project did included to removal of many old, beautiful trees on the east side of the road. perhaps the city and The Osborn will add some new plantings.

Theall Road is part of the route George Latimer travels between Port Chester through Rye into Harrison when he wants to avoid traffic lights.

These videos show the before and after of the Theall Road reconstruction.

Theall Road before construction:

Theall Road after construction:


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