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Councilmember Fontanes Leaving Rye, Dropping Campaign

(PHOTO: Rye City Council candidate Lori Fontanes.)
(PHOTO: Rye City Councilmember Lori Fontanes is headed to Paris, France.)

In an unexpected turn of events, Councilmember Lori Fontanes is planning to leave Rye in 2024 and will be dropping her fall reelection campaign. The news comes amid deep acrimony on the Rye City Council. Fontanes is a close ally of Councilmembers Henderson and Nathan as the three have watched the Mayor and his Gang of Four sue the City’s own Board of Ethics. Since Fontanes moved to Rye in 2009 from Los Angeles, she has been particularly supportive of environmental issues both before and while on the Council.

Fontanes will still be on the ballot, but dropping her campaign means GOP challenger Keith Cunningham is almost certainly assured one of the three open Council seats along with Dem challenger Jamie Jensen (who has been running together with Fontanes and Nathan) and Dem incumbent Josh Nathan.

Headed to Paris

Fontanes is planning to move from Rye to Paris in 2024.

“I love Paris. I thrive there. My kid loves it. [I have] a long history there,” said Fontanes. “The opportunity is now. I can’t wait. I think we’ve accomplished real things since I moved here with my colleagues, but, you know, it’s a new chapter.”

The twists and turns at the City Council continue.

Here is Fontanes’ full statement:

“To the Citizens of Rye,

This past week I have come to the difficult realization that for personal and professional reasons I expect to be moving from Rye sometime in 2024. I’m sharing this with you now in order to be as transparent as possible with everyone. I’m heartbroken that I cannot commit to remaining in Rye. This means, however, that although my name will be on the November ballot due to NYS Board Of Elections law, I will no longer be campaigning for reelection to City Council. Regardless, I fully support Josh Nathan and Jamie Jensen in their run for City Council and ask that you support and vote for them.

No matter what, please know that for as long as I am your elected representative, I will continue to serve this community with everything I’ve got. I will continue to be your voice at City Hall, as promised.

Lori Fontanes
City of Rye Council Member”


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