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Home People Rye Off The Record: NY Knicks Coach D'Antoni Buys Home in Rye

Rye Off The Record: NY Knicks Coach D’Antoni Buys Home in Rye

Mike_dantoniMyRye.com hears that new Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni, who signed a $24 million dollar contract with the team in May and makes his formal debut as coach on October 29th, has bought a house in Rye. D’Antoni bought a spec house on Apawamis Avenue in Rye about two weeks ago.

D’Antoni joins his pal and fellow West Virginia native Rod Thorn, who also lives in Rye. Thorn is the president of the New Jersey Nets. Thorn, who now lives a few minutes from D’Antoni on Loewen Court by the Rye Nature Center, gave up the ghost to a West Virginia newspaper back in June:

"I just had dinner with Mike last week,” Thorn said. "He’s thinking of buying a house in Rye, N.Y., where I live. I think he’s going to do a great job [with the Knicks]. He’s a good coach and a bright guy. Been a friend of mine for a long time."


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