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Home Events 150 Walkers Raise $4,000 for Obama; 300 Rabbis

150 Walkers Raise $4,000 for Obama; 300 Rabbis

Walk_picnic_003The story of Barack Obama raising small amounts of money from lots of people continued this past weekend in Rye. On Saturday, 150 walkers met at Rye recreation on Midland Avenue and walked a 1.5 mile Obama "O" raising nearly $4,000 for the Obama campaign, according to Susan Van Dolsen, one of the organizers.

Walk_picnic_008bIn another Ryebama development, Community Synagogue Rabbi Daniel Gropper became one of 300 "Rabbis for Obama", a national organizing group. According to the group’s national co-chair Rabbi Steve Bob, "When 300 Rabbis agree on anything, you know something is going on". Amen.

Obama_at_wall(PHOTO: Obama, not in Rye) Gropper joins other local activists including Parag Saxena, a co-chair for the Democratic National Committee’s South Asian American Leadership Council and Ashley Craig of WOW (Westchester Obama Women).


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