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Friday, August 12, 2022
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Rye’s John Thain Mocked in JetBlue Ad

A new JetBlue ad campaign mocks Rye's John Thain, the former Wall Street wunderkind and Merrill CEO who got a not so ceremonial boot recently.

JetBlue Ad Mocks John Thain The advertising mocks fallen bank bigwigs including Thain, who fell hard after running up a $1.2 million tab for remodeling his Merrill office. For Thain, the ad mocks "Owners of $35,000 Antique Commodes", a reference to his office remodeling job. The ads explain JetBlue is just as comfortable as the private planes the fallen no longer (?) have at their disposal.


  1. That “commode” was just boneheaded elitism but I think in the end Thain will be absolved from the bigger Merrill “bonus brewha” as that mess will be hung on Ken Lewis.

    But Johnny Boy, you are indeed not looking good these days.

  2. Sure he doesn’t look too good, but he looks a damn sight better than Barney Frank, Chris Todd, Tim Giethner, everyone at FNMA and FHMC, Angelo Mozilo and the rest of those inept idiots in DC. Unless Obama gets a clue soon on how to create opportunity rather than a handout, we’re all going to join Thain in early forced retirement. Unfortunately, we won’t have his bank account to keep us company.


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