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Home Government In Advance of Hearing, Rye City Manager Shew Gives Himself the Boot

In Advance of Hearing, Rye City Manager Shew Gives Himself the Boot

Paul Shew whistle 2 Rye City Manager O. Paul Shew will retire. Shew submitted his resignation on Friday in advance of a public hearing regarding his conduct surrounding his suspension. The resignation is a pre-emptive strike by Shew who otherwise would be going before a public hearing tomorrow, Monday, May 4th.

Just last Thursday, city council candidate Tim Chittenden was trying a wring more information out of the council, saying in an email:

"I believe Otis may have said that lawyers are working on a possible resolution with Shew prior to Monday's public hearing meaning there would not be a public hearing on Shew's firing. If this is true, then I hope Mayor Otis provides ALL of the details of any possible settlement with Shew and ALL of the details of what the City of Rye paid in lawyer fees to reach an agreement with Shew."

Although Shew was suspended in the wake of the Schubert affair, the exact reasons leading to his suspension were never disclosed. Frank Culross continues as interim city manager.


  1. I think I’ll join the other dollar sign resident typists for this question –

    What EXACTLY i$ the Rye City taxpayer price for this particular “$ound of $ilence?


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