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Mr. Floatie Washes Ashore

While the rest of us were celebrating Memorial Day this past Monday, Mr. Floatie washed ashore at Oakland Beach in Rye Town Park. Mr. Floatie is an8-foot turd and serves as the mascot for Ray Tartaglione's Hen Island campaign.

Do you think it is appropriate for Mr. Floatie to mingle with sun seekers at the beach? Leave your comment below.

Mr. Floatie @ Okland beach 020


  1. I think Mr. Floatie should make himself useful and conduct a survey to find out the percentage of people at Oakland beach that piss in the water. He could stand next to the bathrooms and count the number of people that use the bathrooms compared to the number of people that showed up. Simple subtraction will give you the number of people who are discharging sewage directly into Long Island Sound. Don’t forget, there could be pathogens in that piss according to Ray Tartaglione’s expert!

  2. Do they allow children with diapers to swim at Oakland Beach? What happens when they take a shit and it washes into the Sound full of pathogens? Did Mr. Floatie make sure there was no sewage incidentsat Oakland beach involving toddlers or is Mr. Floatie as clueless as Mr. Tartaglione’s expert?

  3. OMG! When is the BOH going to condemn Oakland Beach and Playland beach? With everyone pissing in the water and most of the diaper wearing toddlers shitting in the water both beaches are just two big pathogen infested ses pools. And to think that THOUSANDS of people are all pissing and shitting together the pathogen count must be ASTRONOMICAL! I’ll never go to a beach again. Thank you, Mr. Floatie, for saving my life!

  4. All my like I believed in the sanctity of the beach and now that whole belief has been torn down. I know know that that beutiful beach I used to worship is just a pahogen infested sess pool! I feel like I’ve been sexually violated.

  5. Lets try this again.

    All my life I believed in the sanctity of the beach and now that whole belief has been torn down. I know now that the beautiful beach I once to worshiped is just a pathogen infested sess pool! I feel like I’ve been sexually violated.

  6. This revelation is a parents’ worst nightmare! I was teaching my kid how to swim at Oakland Beach this weekend and on several occassions my kid got a good mouth full of water. I admit I pissed in the water 20 min before but I never realized anyone else pissed in the water also. Now I’m worried about how many millions of pathogens my kid swallowed. I hope he’ll be alright. Maybe the pathogens that were in the water were the “good” kind and my kid will be alright. I don’t think I’ll sleep well tonight. And forget going back to the beach this weekend. I hope the BOH condems all the beaches this summer. It’s unsafe.

  7. I don’t blame any of you for not attaching your real names to these pathetic imature remarks! If you believe Ray is what you think of him then you must be really proud of yourselves!!! You call yourselves parents???

  8. Not sure what the fuss is over pathogens. Pathogens can actually be beneficial to the human population. They keep it from exploding geometrically.

  9. Jim Amico,

    You still haven’t gotten back to me on the BOH visits to your food business. Mr. Tartaglione still hasn’t gotten back to me on the number of people fallen ill from swimming in Milton Harbor. Parents who constrict their kids activities due to irrational fears are only hurting their kids. They will be disallowing experiences that could be rewarding for their kids. IMO, it’s people like Mr. Tartaglione that have ruined America. Kids no longer can play in the park by themselves for fear of “exposure” if they get hurt or if they are abducted. Parents won’t let their kids out of their sight but will willingly hop in their car everyday and drive to work. IMO, Mr Tartaglione feeds on the irrational fears of people to further his causes. Accidents happen in life and IMO, Mr Tartaglione knows this. IMO, he setting himself up to benefit from it. IMO,I can’t even get a hot cup of coffe from McDonalds because of people like him. IMO, Warnings on microwaves to not dry off your cat in them are there because of people like him. IMO, people like him have ruined America.

  10. Jim Amico,

    The above writers are cloaked name Hen Island resident(s)? who are unhappy that the health and safety violations on their property have been issued. More will come. Don’t fall for that gracious speech Mr. Clay Johnson put forth at City Hall a few nights back. There is another group of summer residents on the island that allowed things to devolve to what we see in Ray’s photos today. Their behavior is anything but gracious – and now it has been deemed illegal by the City. So Crye us a river all you Ben Buddies – and clean up the mess.

  11. ‘Environmental damage’ is not a new term to the rest of the world, but somehow it’s only come to the USA in the past 3 or 4 years. Rye & Hen Island – Wake up and smell the roses (that have not been fertilized with chemicals). Sure Mr. Floatie seems a little ‘old’ now, but the guy behind it is doing us all a favor and highlighting just a little part of the crap issues (sic) that are not helping the environment or community health. Let’s stop worrying about face-lifts, tummy tucks and bank balances, and begin to think of some real issues and the damage we’re doing to our own world and the rest of the world generally. It can only be a good thing for Hen Island if it’s cleaned up – why would anybody have an issue with this?

  12. Mr. Tartaglione,

    Are you gonna answer my question as to the number of people that have fallen sick due to swimming in Milton Harbor? Here’s another question: Have you ever pissed in Long Island Sound when you were swimming? I see you admitted to having swimmed in the Sound at the Coucil meeting. The interesting thing is that you said you wouldn’t let your kids swim in the Sound. Now, Any resposible parent knows that if something happens to them their kids will be left without a parent. So I ask you, why are you swimming in the Sound when you wouldn’t allow your kids in?

    Jim Amico,

    Can you tell us about your BOH experiences. You seem to be unusually quiet on this issue.

  13. We had the misfortune of eating at a greasy fried food dump called “Seaside Johnnies” that very weekend.

    That joint is like a piece of the down-scale Jersey Shore deposited in up-scale Westchester. Bad greasy food. High prices. And an unsavory lot of out-of-towners barking on their cell phones and guzzling warm beer. Our neighbors refer to the place as “Seaside Stinkies.”

    Was that stench we endured from Seaside Johnnie’s filthy kitchen, or Mr Floatie perhaps?

  14. I am a Rye resident, not a Hen Island resident, but know several people on Hen Island and visit frequently.

    I also know all about the man behind Mr. Floatie. He purchased a place on the island and sought to change everything out there to suit himself, with no regard to what the majority of the community wanted. He immediately wanted to make the place upscale and force the middle class residents to make upgrades and changes that they couldn’t afford to do. In his opinion, if they couldn’t afford to follow his lead, they couldn’t afford to be on Hen Island any longer.

    When they resisted him, he tried to strong arm the community into accepting his agenda by multiple lawsuits and public humiliation using fear tactics, propaganda, personal attacks, half truths and lies. He has been overheard to say that he didn’t care how many lawsuits that he loses because he can outspend the other residents. He has also made this a personal vendetta against the long time residents.

    He would like everyone to believe that this is about environmental and safety issues. It is not. It is about an individual that wants to gain control of personal property by force and by taking advantage of those that are financially weaker than him.

    He has been able to fool some Rye residents with these fear tactics, but many more see him for what he is. He has embraced other causes (Schubert pond, Amico traffic concerns)to gain support in standing up against a “common enemy”, the Rye administration. I empathize for those that have been fooled by him.

  15. The Real Story –

    Thank you for laying out the truth behind Ray’s tactics. If there are two things I can’t stand it’s bullies and ego-centrics, and Ray most definitely qualifies on both counts.
    He is a crass opportunist who seems to think the city government should defer to his wishes, and his wishes alone.

  16. the way these people on Hen island are living is disgusting and they should be embarassed and ashamed of themselves its verry Lord Of The Flies

  17. dear real story

    if this community was in your backyard would you feel the same way let’s pretend this was mainland rye.

  18. L Carosi –

    I don’t know if you realize it or not, but you sound elitist. Do you want to be the one responsible for determining how people live their lives? Perhaps you could drive around town and chastise people for leaving their garage door open, or failing to pick up their children’s toys out of the front lawn.
    Everyone who bought into Hen Island should have done their due diligence – including Ray. How would you like it if a neighbor moved next to you and immediately started telling you to buy a new car, paint your house, put in new landscaping and get a boob job so his property value would increase?

  19. Talk of obscenities..
    Mr. Floatie wants a date with a condom.
    oh my ,I won’t go there..Ray clean up your act will ya.

  20. an elitist !!! do you know what that even means or are you just throwing words around scooter it is one thing leaving your garage door open it is another thing not having to follow health laws that everyone has to follow . you probably voted for Obama too. i believe in smaller govt. but this disgusting lawless lifestyle developed on Hen Island is primative and like I said very Lord of the Flies and if you think it’s ok and then we have to question how you are living too.

  21. sorry I have to go I have to go sh#$t in scooters backyard since it’s ok for everyone to do whatever they want

  22. Carosi –
    I assume from your irate response that you have a place on Hen Island? If you do, you have my condolences – with neighbors like Ray, it must be hell.
    If you don’t have a place on Hen Island, why do you care?

  23. And for the record, I did not vote for an inexperienced tyro promising “change”. His recent pick for Supreme Court justice is a bad joke.

  24. Carosi:
    To believe Mr. Tartaglione’s lies is silly and leads me to believe you are too lazy to seek out the truth……..Get the TRUTH about Westchester County Health Department’s TWO inspections of Hen Island…One done just last month…..The reports are a matter of public record….High and Dry in Rye

  25. pictures don’t lie but people do
    who are you Meyerson who did the inspection! for you to assume what I know or don’t is truly naive(what do they say about assuming?)

  26. I clearly see that I can NOT have an intelligent debate with you till you grow up … really is that you Lenny ????

  27. dear real story

    if this community was in your backyard would you feel the same way let’s pretend this was mainland rye.

    Posted by: L Carosi |

    That is an easy answer. If I did not like the condition of a community, I would not buy a home there. That is why I live in Rye and not Newark or East NY.

    Hen Island has not changed in 80 years. It is basically the same as it was before he bought his house. He bought his house and then tried to change the entire community with no regard for how the majority of the community felt or could afford. If he didn’t like the condition the community was in, he shouldn’t have bought. The Health Department has stated that there is no problem with the water and septic. He didn’t have any problem with it for 15 years, so why is it a problem now? Because he is looking to harm the community in any way possible to suit his ideas.

    Now, please answer my question: How would you feel if one of your neighbors insisted that you invest hundreds of thoiusands of dollars in your property simply because he wanted you to do it. Then, when you refused, he sued you, publically told lies about you and harrassed you in any way he could. How would you feel about that? Would you capitulate to his wants?

  28. Well out, Real Story. Ray has no right to dictate to his neighbors how they live their lives. He is free to “vote with his feet” if he doesn’t like the situation.
    What’s next, Ray pushing for condemnation of the properties?

  29. Dear Real Story,
    You should change your name to “The BS Story Some of The Hen Islanders Sold Me”
    Here is what I want and did change:
    I wanted and did stop everyone from burying their garbage in the center of the Island. That’s right your environmentally friendly Hen Islanders were burring their garbage on the island for years. Do you think I knew that when I bought my house?

    The only upgrades I wanted to make were to make this Island Safe, non-polluting and to get the residents to take some responsibility for the way they live. For your information I happen to love that little Island just the way it is less the sewage, garbage, ECT…

    I did embrace Rita and Bob Schubert and their cause and it’s not as you say to gain support, it is because the city was taking advantage of him in the same way they were taking advantage of me, by refusing to enforce the environmental laws put in place to protect the people. That relationship has grown to be much more than people with a common cause. I can’t tell you how much I admire their many positive qualities.
    As to the money issue, you would like to think this is about. For years we were cleaning up the island and those that wanted to contribute monetarily did and the ones that didn’t didn’t. How do you think the Hen Island garbage dump disappeared? The problem came along when many of the islanders refused to acknowledge the way they were living, not only jeopardized my health and safety but also the health and safety of the entire community and the environment.
    So in closing if you choose to believe the BS Story your polluting Hen Island friends sold you, I think you should change your screen name.

    Ray Tartaglione

  30. Please post the minutes of the meetings you presided over when you were president of the board at Hen Island…The minutes in which you spoke about burrying garbage on Hen Island…The minutes where you spoke up and suggested enviornmental changes for your neighbors…..Oops..that’s right, there are no such minutes…why?..because you only recently (after the board of directors removed you as president) thought of all the ways you could make life miserable for the poor (quite literally now; thanks to all your suits) souls out at Hen Island…Here’s what Commissioner Meyerson said following one of his many inspections..taken from the pages of myrye.com [Meyerson] said that he inspected the island in July and August 2007 and that members of his staff also visited on two other occasions to check for unsanitary conditions. (WCHD was also there in 2009)

    “There are definitely systems in place that in the modern world, scrutinized by an engineer, would not be acceptable,” he said. But he said he and his staff never found problems like sewage emerging, odors or slime or algal growth in the water. “We went time and time and time again,” Mr. Meyerson said, “and we found no health code violations.”

    High and Dry in Rye

  31. Lost in the courts
    Lost in city
    lost with county
    lost on Hen Island
    Blah Blah Blah
    lies Blah blah

  32. don’t bother even defending yoursef ray because anybody with a 1/2 brain can see and understand that the conditions on the island are horrific and you are right we should not have to point out this is wrong and unhealthy you hen islanders(and friends)should know all on your own w/o being told… blah blah blah

  33. Did Mr. F and his pal, JackA pay resident or non resident rates to gain beach rights? Next thing Mr. F will be walking through Indian Village warning kids to avoid the brook!

  34. Crye,
    I’m sure you think I live on this site……Sorry, I do have a life and this week(28th)was Jarrid’s b-day… blogging takes a back seat! To put this confusing as hell question to bed…… BOH visited once a year. Now will you please explain where you are going w/this??

  35. High and Dry,

    As per your request for proof, below is an excerpt from North Island Beautification and Mosquito control committee letter of 2002. Would you like any more proof of the “garbage dump” removal I coordinated? I cleaned up your garbage and I am still doing it my friend.

    NIBMCC Letter 2002
    B. Workmen removed debris accumulated over the past years on both gas and trash days. Significant progress is being made in the continual cleanup of broken bottles, rusty steel and other object of art that have been buried over the years. The objective is that some day in the future our children will be able run barefooted throughout the island.

    F. Compost pile. Removed old dump site and created a new compost installation with separate bins to the material can be rotated on a regular basis in order to speed up the decomposition process.

    Ray Tartaglione

  36. ObamaNation,

    FYI, Jack A and I were admitted to the Rye Town Park free of charge. The Management of RTP were happy to help bring attention to the fact that Hen Island should have regulated and approved sewage systems along the shores of the Long Island Sound.

  37. Jim Amico,

    So how many violations were you written up for by the BOH in your years in the food business?

  38. Crye,
    Where is this dialogue going? This is getting old,can we get to the point already?
    I was never written up by any BOH.
    I never gave them a reason.

  39. I am disgusted this guy takes it upon himself to humiliate all of as Rye citizens. Who does he think he is? He is just getting back at people that removed him from the Hen Island Board of Directors. He had no issues before that.
    Lets cede Hen Island to the State of NY and his walking turd. Ray Tartaglione is nothing but a man looking for attention with no real issues of serious danger. If you are not happy, beat it! No one will miss you, trust me.
    Maybe he didn’t he hugged as a kid.

    And I have no problem signing my name. I am tempted to tackle his turd. To much money and to much time Ray? Think that is the real case here!!!

    Get a life and get out of ours. And I have no problem signing my name.

  40. Rob,
    I guess you are not willing to take me up on my invite to tour Hen Island. You must be afraid you might find out, all I say is true? Afraid your honest little mayor is not as honest as you think? Afraid you might find your foot in your mouth?
    Tackle Mr. Floatie? Just remember he is a friendly turd. Peaceful protest!!! You may hate him but there are many who love him and his cause! You may have an angry crowd on your hands!!!But he does needs a little more attention!!!
    Sounds like you may have a little aggression problem yourself, does your new girlfriend know about that? Maybe it’s you that didn’t get hugged as a kid.
    “Angry because I was removed from the board”. Sounds like more Hen Island propaganda to me. That was ten years ago, maybe I am just having a delayed reaction?
    Ray Tartaglione

  41. That was ten years ago, maybe I am just having a delayed reaction?
    Ray Tartaglione

    No, it is just that you are the real turd on every level.

  42. You are the real turd that is clear. Henn Island represents about one percent of Rye yet your real goal, self attention, has affected all of us–I wonder if anyone will ever be able to sell their place on the island now? Success! Really classy having a huge walking piece of crap saying the pledge of allegiance. Very patriotic-

    Go back to Dobbs Ferry and embarrass them again.

  43. FYI Rob,

    That “walking piece of crap” now has a good chance of getting national TV network pickup. Maybe that will flush the council into action and then we can say goodbye to this whole issue.

  44. Interesting tedc
    Your political ally is mr Floatie.
    I wonder who is more compromised
    you or that floating turd?

  45. Mr. Moore,
    I am sorry if you are embarrassed and I am also sorry if you feel your property values are dropping. I am also embarrassed about the way Rye has handled this situation from the beginning. You see I too am a Rye taxpayer and property owner. My property values are also dropping as you pointed out, but the real problem here is about how this administration is handling the environmental and safety issues of its residents. Just because it is not happening in your back yard doesn’t mean that I should not complain. Now I know you don’t like the way I am complaining but that’s too bad my little friend!!!!! Take a look at this one and tell me if it embarrasses you, because it does embarrass me and should embarrass everyone else in Rye. How does you new girlfriend feel about you defending polluters? If she is still with you, I bet you she thinks you should be on our side of the fence.


  46. Mr. Moore,
    Talk about embarrassing, look at this. This should really piss you off. This thing has been on the internet over a year. Who should we hold responsible? The people that created the problems on Hen Island, that are now dead? The people that now bring it to our attention? Or the mayor that allows it to continue?

    Come on Rob take a walk on the wild side; join us in exposing a mayor that allows pollution to continue. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Take a look a little past your property values. Take a look at your personal values.


    Mr. Floatie

  47. Mr. T and rye spy(we all know who you are),

    I know you both care so much about the enviroment so I wanted to ask a couple of questions. First off, how much is the lead fuel additive for the model a ford mr. Floatie drives? Why does tartogionie still driving a 2 cylinder engine on his boat? How many gallons of fuel go into his beautiful yacht? Also how does it feel to birth the worlds largest crap and then give it a name?

  48. To mr. T, floatie and crye spy,

    Since you all are so environmentally conscious I wanted to ask a few questions I hope you can answer. First off, how much is the lead fuel additive that goes into mr. Floatie’s model A Ford? Secondly, why does your boat still have a 2 cyllinder engine which spills oil into our beautiful sound?how much fuel goes into that enormous yacht? Also, why do you think hen island is the source of Milton harbors pollution when residents stay for 3 months out of the year and only about 30 cottages exist on the island? What about the raw sewage that floats into rye boat basin from blind brook which causes an annual dead fish extravaganza in the marina? It sounds like ray tartaglione is upset at hen island residents and couldn’t care less about the environment. Is that true?

  49. How did that mosquito spraying fit into your environmental plan ray? Hen Island is a wetland and bird sanctuary. I hear that spray you used weakens the egg shells of great blue herons which are protected wildlife. Your tower of hypocrisy will collapse eventually. 33 cottages, 3 months out of the year, is Hen Island really to blame? Talk to the Green Haven residents and beg them not to use fertilizer on their grass because it pollutes the sound. I believe there is a sewage pipe that extends to 42 bouy that spews crap into the sound whenever there’s overflow. All these other issues but you focus on the 1%, you motives are obvious and covering it up with bs hen island sewage problems is quite frankly childish. That’s right, you are a Hen Island resident but you fail to acknowledge your own environmental damages and misappriation. By the way, where is your hybrid or do you pick and choose what part of the environment you care about?

  50. Seems like some of the Hen Islanders are coming out of the woodwork. (Might that be because you realize the hammer is about to fall?) I have gone thru this question and answer period for the past two years. Maybe you can use the search feature on MYRYE and find the answers to your questions. Below are a few of the first articles covered by My Rye. Help yourself for any additional ones.


    While you are at it, try putting your name on your posts or tell us what house you live in? If you do, I will be happy to tell everyone how and why you are promoting continuance of an unsafe community, unhealthy living and pollution of the Sound.

    Ray Tartaglione

  51. Ray.. its pretty presumptuous on your part to believe that only the Hen Island residents are the ones who are annoyed at your childish behaviour. Its obvious to all you have ulterior motives and the time for you to move on has clearly passed

  52. Ray,

    Could you please move your car from the front of Resurrection Church? It is very distasteful. There is no need for this of childish games.

  53. How about parking in it your own spot instead of in front of our homes? That to unreasonable? A church? School? What’s next the Osborne home?

  54. Mr. Tartaglione,

    Not one issue i addressed you responded to. Then after my statement you threaten to attack my character: “While you are at it, try putting your name on your posts or tell us what house you live in? If you do, I will be happy to tell everyone how and why you are promoting continuance of an unsafe community, unhealthy living and pollution of the Sound.” However, according to my post, not once did i promote a continuance of an unsafe community or environment. In fact, my statements were only to bring up obvious issues that you HAVEN’T addressed regarding current problems with The Sound. Your attacks are only to threaten with scare-tactics as if to intimidate those who question your idiocy. If your cause was justified and true then do you really believe it would be met with this much opposition, from the residents of Rye?

  55. If anyone wants to join me in disposing of some rotten eggs from last Easter, please meet me in front of the piece of crap on 4 wheels in front of Resurrection Church tonight. I will be depositing a large number of gaily colored eggs in the hope of making our streets more beautiful.

  56. I would love to but it will only fuel his smear campaign. Now don’t get Ray mad, he just might make ANOTHER Mr. Floatie in his pants.

  57. Easter Bunny,
    That’s a good example of the way Hen Islanders deal with the health, safety, and sewage issues. That wouldn’t be the first time someone egged or vandalized Mr. Floatie’s car. Come to think about it in 2007 on two occasions someone put water in the tanks of my boat, cut my boat loose from the mooring twice, tossed my patio furniture in the sound, trashed my yard twice, and urinated in my water tanks once. I even had a drunk Beth Cunningham knock on my door one night @ around 12 am, call me a piece of Sh_T and try to instigate a fight. I have had the President of Hen Island Ben Minard send out an e-mail which I believe was to entice and encourage islanders to attack me personally. He did that using his e-mail address that stated he was a registered representative of Prudential Securities. Prudential is presently investigating that one. This is just a small example of how they threaten people that don’t fall in line with their way of thinking. (And polluting) Do you think Rye should start a criminal investigation? It is just a beautiful community of friendly people. (That wants to live unsafely, unhealthy and pollute the waters of the Long Island Sound)And if you don’t agree with then they try to intimidate you into leaving.Take notice Rye! These are the people Mayor Otis is protecting.

  58. Ray –

    You’re having conversations with the Easter Bunny? Do yourself a favor, get in your turdmobile and drive yourself off to the funny farm – you’re long overdue!

  59. Blah Blah Blah Ray Ray Ray
    factual statement
    Above reasoning does not lead to truthful statements.

    Personal interpretations to fit your preconceived notions do not lead to truthful statements

    Hyperbole does not reflect accurate statements

    Character attacks and demeaning
    statements do not lead to truthful statements

    “straw man” arguments are meaningless and fog truthful statements.

    Blah Bah Blah

    Frankly you stink more then your creation Mr. Floatie

  60. Not for nothing but those remarks from the Mayor to a taxpayer seem very unprofessional at best.

    It reminds me of when Plunkett went berzerk on Rye resident Mr. Schubert who was only trying to calmly and legally redress his problem with the Rye City Council. It was disgusting that Otis, Shew and the Rye City Council did nothing to stop it or did anything to address Plunkett’s improper actions as an employee of the City of Rye who is paid by Rye residents including Mr. Schubert.


    2,612 viewings so far.

  61. Oh gimmie a break will ya.
    Spoiled brat bully complaing about being called to task..
    Blah tantrum!!!

  62. Ray,
    It’s OK to leave your car in front of my house.
    Your actions are commendable, we up here, support your cause and my dad understands your motives. The ones against you are aligned with Satin.
    Continue on your quest, should we need your car moved in the future we will have Monsignor Boyle call you direct.

  63. Mr. Tartaglione,

    Just when everyone thought you couldn’t get any lower you prove us wrong. You’re getting desperate. No one is going to fall for your adolecent provocation. One of the things you counted on was Hen Island outrage and when there was none you tried to make it all up. You’re a sham. Now you’re trying to drag more people into it. A young lady who has nothing to do with this whole mess. You couldn’t go any lower. How the hell can you even look at yourself in the mirror every day?

  64. Schtick,

    It is despicable. In Mr. Tartaglione’s latest presentation before the City Council he used the houses of two 80+ year old Hen Islanders as examples of sewage problems even after the BOH said there were no problems. Now, he’s picking on a young lady less than half his age who is neither a board of director or shareholder on Hen Island. Wow! Can you say “gutter”?

  65. Ray
    sad excuse for a man

    “You stone, you block, you less then senseless thing”


  66. When you say “A young lady who has nothing to do with this whole mess.” are you referring to when the intoxicated Beth Cunningham tried to provoke a fight with me @ midnight by knocking on my door and calling me a piece of Sh_t ? If you should think I am making it up, here is an excerpt from the Rye police report dated 8-17-08.

    “From Dispatch: Reporting person filed a written statement regarding a incident that took place on Hen Island last night at approximately 2330 hrs. He reported that a known party to him (Beth Cunningham) walked up to his cottage and called him a “piece of shit”. He believes she was intoxicated and was attempting to instigate a fight. As she was leaving he observed her tripped on the walkway in front of his cottage. “

    It is report # 08-0972 should you care to retrieve it from the police records. For the record she was with two friends that had a little more sense that she did as they dragged her away.

    The “young lady less than half my age who is neither a board of director or shareholder on Hen Island” happens to be the daughter of board member Helen Cunningham owner of the sewage pit that is polluting the sound opposite the Greenhaven associate beach. Mommy is personally named in my lawsuit. I have attached a photo for your review.


  67. Could you please move your car from the front of Resurrection Church? It is very distasteful. There is no need for these types of childish games.

    [I decided to take a page out of Ray’s playbook — I am going to hijack every thread – regardless of topic – and post this message.]

  68. When you say “80+ year old Hen Islanders” I believe you are referring to Martin Ederer who uses the blue garbage can under his cottage to remove sewage. I have attached a picture of his blue sewage removal system. “Another state of the art system.” Polluters both of them. I couldn’t care if they were 100+years old. What does his age have to do with it? Is it a rite of passage to pollute if you are over 65? Is that law connected to the Social Security System? The blue garbage can is seen in the upper left hand corner of the picture.


  69. Act with Pride,
    I think you should act with pride. Don’t worry so much about where the car is parked. Try and focus on the pride you have in your community. This is what it looks like now.


    The shame of this whole situation is that I am not mad or I don’t hate you or any of your pollution supporters, as you do me. I feel sorry for you. Sorry that you can’t get your priorities in order among other things. Instead of spending over $135,000.00 on lawyers that I believe are taking advantage of you. You could have spent that money on fixing some of the sewage issues. Instead of spending over 90,000.00 on building a illegal wall along the shore of the Sound, you should have spent that money drilling wells so you would not have to use bird feces infected water for domestic use. Maybe when you figure it out it will be too late and than none of us will be able to enjoy Hen Island.

    Unfortunately whenever you mention Hen Island or Rye today, the first thing people think of Is Mr. Floatie. The rest of Westchester is laughing at us and the entire state or country may soon be doing the same thing. Just because The County has been successful in having News 12 not cover the story doesn’t mean that one of the majors are not going to pick it up soon.

    Why don’t you get it together so we can put this behind us and start the healing process? Try not to be so defensive and take a look @ the real pictures. Look at the website http://www.HEALtheHARBOR.com and try to figure out how to fix the pictures that tell a different story then the one you would like people to believe.

    Have a great evening Mr. Pride. I am a little tired, it’s been a long day and I have to rest up for the meeting tomorrow night.

  70. “I’m not lying if you think I’m lying I personally invite you to come look at these issues on Hen Island. You think that I’m lying? If you think I’m lying then I personally invite you to come take a look, everyone one of you members on this board if you think I’m lying come take a look”

    The only kind of person who talks like that is a straight up LIAR!!!

    The mayor thinks your a clown, you didn’t even bother to take your bluetooth out when you present THE CITY COUNCIL!! How you do you expect a person to respect you when you clearly don’t have the decency to look like your not on your cell phone? Your actions speak much louder than your words.


  71. Ray, be a man. Call AAA and have them ask RJT Towing to move the car. Please. You are like a spoiled child.

    There was a beautiful wedding at the Church on Saturday. Is it really fair that your car be there? Really — continue your fight. Good luck. But be a man. Can you do that?

    Even if you think that you are getting screwed, do you really think parking the car in front of the Church is how you want to fight this?

  72. Thanks for the plug. It’s important that we spread the word, even if the grammar is incorrect. Try to stay focused on the issues and not my grammar or delivery. “You can take the boy out of the Bronx but you can never take the Bronx out of the boy”. I apologize for my short comings, but at least I am not threatening, intimidating or vandalizing your homes, as you do to me. Below is Mr. Glass he speaks the Kings English, maybe you will like his wording? Hope you don’t mind that I took this opportunity for another plug.

  73. Ray,

    Could you please move your car from the front of Resurrection Church? It is very distasteful. There is no need for these types of childish games.

    [I decided to take a page out of Ray’s playbook — I am going to hijack every thread – regardless of topic – and post this message.]

  74. Some professional analysis:

    Profile of the Sociopath

    This following summarizes some of the common features of descriptions of the behavior of sociopaths.

    * Glibness and Superficial Charm

    * Manipulative and Conning
    They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

    * Grandiose Sense of Self
    Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

    * Pathological Lying
    Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

    * Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
    A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

    * Shallow Emotions
    When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

    * Incapacity for Love

    * Need for Stimulation
    Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

    * Callousness/Lack of Empathy
    Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

    * Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
    Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

    * Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
    Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet “gets by” by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.

    * Irresponsibility/Unreliability
    Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

    * Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
    Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.

    * Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
    Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.

    * Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility
    Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.

  75. Further analysis:

    Other Related Qualities:

    1. Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
    2. Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
    3. Authoritarian
    4. Secretive
    5. Paranoid
    6. Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
    7. Conventional appearance
    8. Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
    9. Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
    10. Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
    11. Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
    12. Incapable of real human attachment to another
    13. Unable to feel remorse or guilt
    14. Extreme narcissism and grandiose
    15. May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

    (The above traits are based on the psychopathy checklists of H. Cleckley and R. Hare.)

  76. Ray,

    Could you please move your car from the front of Resurrection Church? It is very distasteful. There is no need for these types of childish games.

  77. When you say “A young lady who has nothing to do with this whole mess.” are you referring to when the intoxicated Beth Cunningham tried to provoke a fight with me @ midnight by knocking on my door and calling me a piece of Sh_t ? If you should think I am making it up, here is an excerpt from the Rye police report dated 8-17-08.

    “From Dispatch: Reporting person filed a written statement regarding a incident that took place on Hen Island last night at approximately 2330 hrs. He reported that a known party to him (Beth Cunningham) walked up to his cottage and called him a “piece of shit”. He believes she was intoxicated and was attempting to instigate a fight. As she was leaving he observed her tripped on the walkway in front of his cottage. “

    Wow, a grown man intimidated by a young girl. And she ruffled your panties so badly that you had to file a police report.

    I am not questioning your manhood or anything. But……….

  78. Ray,

    Could you please move your car from the front of Resurrection Church? It is very distasteful. There is no need for these types of childish games.

  79. Blue garbage can? What are you talking about? Is that another one of your delusions?

    I am only concerned about the impacts of sociopathic behavior on the public at large.

    Again, I beg you to seek help.

  80. Please don’t call me a POS or I’ll call the cops. I think I see what’s really going on. Let’s provoke Hen Islanders into attacking me so I can sue them. I’ll keep embarassing Hen Islanders by attacking their lifestyle even tho they’ve been cleared by the BOH. It might be borderline harassment but I’ll keep doing it until someone snaps.

  81. And if a Hen Islander doesn’t snap and I don’t have a harrassment case against a Hen Islander, I’ll just wait until the wind blows really hard on Hen Island and when my furniture gets blown into the water by the wind, I’ll claim a Hen Islander that doesn’t like me threw my furniture into the water and file a complaint with the police.

  82. If you want the car moved just take a picture of it in front of the church, then post it on MYRYE as a new topic of discussion.

  83. RE. the infamous “blue garbage can” referenced in the post “Act with Pride”, June 9th, 10:13 p.m.-

    Up to now, the wildly foolish alllegations of Mr. Tartaglione did not even merit consideration, but now that the attack has beome pointedly personal, it is time to set the record straight once and for all.
    1. The can in question has never held anything other than water.
    2. The raw sewage of the cottage is totally serviced by a large undergound septic tank, maintained by biologic enzyme action.
    3. There is no so-called “blue sewage removal system”.
    4. The gentleman’s age,like everything in Tartaglione’s rant, is incorrect.

    It is patently ridiculous to even imagine that an educated person in the enlightened 21st century would live over an open sewage pit and choose to spend his leisure time collecting and transporting raw sewage, thereby contaminating the play and living areas of his children, grandchildren, and neighbors.


  84. Mr. Ederer,
    We are not talking about this blue garbage can that collects rain water for your domestic use.

    We are talking about this one, in the upper left hand Conner of the picture below, that is buried below your house. I noticed that you recently removed the inlet line to it.
    So why would you burry the can under the house if it only stored water? Why not leave it above ground like the rest of your water tanks.
    contaminating the play and living areas of children, grandchildren, and neighbors. Is exactly what is going on Hen Island.

    Your “large undergound septic tank, maintained by biologic enzyme action.” Includes the waters of the Long Island Sound as it is in a water table that includes the waters of the Long Island Sound.

    I refuse to retract what you consider to be “LIBELOUS SLANDERS” and encourage you to take me to task on them. I have been and will be happy to display in public and in a court of law how many, residents live unsafe and pollute the waters of the Long Island Sound on a daily basis and that includes you Mr. Ederer.

  85. …upper left hand Conner”..?? “burry” ??…Ray, Ray…Forget Mosquito School….Go back to grammar school….Much like the physician who is told to “heal thyself”…before you attempt educating others, educate yourself…..I see the Mayor and City Council gave you a good blasting last night !! UNANIMOUSLY !!!

  86. That was great!! Unanimously shut the hell up and get lost. And, please move you car so we can go to our houses of worship without having to think about your turd.

  87. Obviously, he is talking about the same garbage can and you know that.

    Just go away, you have been exposed as a liar once again.

  88. Grammar Guy,
    Is your sole purpose of threading here to discredit individuals on their spelling??? You really need a life. BTW- Try going to the City WebSite and check out the front page of the “Stop Sign Policy”… you will be deilighted to see your friends made a boo boo!!!! Maybe you can educate them also!!!

  89. Let’s see.Ray complained of Thousands of pounds of propane and the city issued violations. He complained about building walls along the shoreline without permits and the city issued violations. He complained of unsafe structures and the city issued violations. He complained of Electrical systems being installed illegally and improperly and the city issued violations. He complained about piles of debris throughout the Island and the city issued violations. He complained of filling in wetlands and the city issued violations. He complained about the Mosquito infestation and the city put the island on notice to make sure it doesn’t happen this summer.
    I don’t think that makes him look like a liar. I think it looks like a lot of Hen Islanders are trying to run a smear campaign. The only ones involved in the ad hominem attacks against Ray are the Hen Islanders and a few supporters that they have been able to sell their BS to. They are the real turds.
    The permanent Rye residents will be happy when the city or the County finally issues the sewage and potable water violations. We will all be happy to say goodbye to Tartaglione, his Mr. Floatie and the rest of this Hen Island BS. Let’s call a turd a turd, I am not a fan of the way Tartaglione has conducted himself but at least he hasn’t allowed the city to ignore him as they have done to Mr. Schubert after they realize they have made mistakes for years. At least he has achived some results.

  90. Mr. Tartaglione,

    When are you going to give me the number of people who have fallen ill from exposure to Milton Harbor water? You seem to reply to everyone else but seem unusually silent on this specific topic. I’m sure you know the answer else why else would you be claiming that Milton Harbor is dangerous to swim in? Could you please supply me with the answer? I want to answer Mr. Amico but your answer is an important piece of the reason why I asked Mr. Amico about his food business.

  91. The only turd is you ray. The minor violations issued were political reactions to your long, obnoxious and expensive campaign to harass and intimidate your neighbors. The mayor, the city council and the dept of health are done with you. You can post under as many names as you choose, but your stink remains the same.

  92. Not me my friend. Just another that can see thru your propaganda. I do not lie; the pictures and video’s speak for themselves. Maybe you should take another look at the way in which you and your allies care for Mother Nature on the island. Below is a few of the “minor violations” Hen Island has been summoned for by the City. They don’t seem to be minor to me.
    The 40 foot wall built along the shoreline without permits (That you spent $90,000.00 on) (again not minor to me) that is shown in the video is one of the reasons the building department has summoned you to appear in front of the planning board.
    BTW; The Rye Conservation Commission has suggested to the Planning Board that the new wall be removed. I guess they didn’t think it was a “minor violation” either.


    PS If I have made any spelllling mistakes please try to ignore them and stay with the facts. I don’t claim to be a Rhodes Scholar. I am in the towing business so I do claim to be a “road scholar”.

  93. Answer me this, Ray…..When you complained to the City Council at this week’s meeting about your having to shower in bird-feces rainwater from your roof, what is it you wanted the City Council to do, exactly?…Did you not know that rainwater was harvested from the roof of your cottage when you purchased it 12 years ago?? Did the seller tell you there was a fresh water pipe supplying water to Hen Island?…Did you not ask, ..”what are all these tanks next to the cottages for?”..Did the seller tell you there was a sewer line from Hen Island to the Rye treatment plant?..An analogy would be:…Say you purchased a red car and, we’ll assume, for the sake of arguement, you can see the car is red….5 years later you sued the seller because you didn’t want a red car….why did you buy a red car?..Why complain to the City of Rye because the only way to have fresh water on an island in the middle of Long Island Sound is to collect it from the roof or bring it out to the island in your boat?…Who misled you?…I’d suggest you sue them….
    High and Dry in Rye

  94. The harbor is fine–he just has way to much time on his hands and obviously money–if I find someone to buy your house Ray will you move? I hear the Thimble Islands have some serious issues and you can bring Floatie and humiliate their town. It was fun watching the government channel make you look like the complete and absolute attention seeking individual that you are. All yea boomed loud. With ney you could of heard a pin drop.

    Otis is right. You are annoying this entire town. That teenage girl scare you Floatie? hahahahaha

  95. Crye,
    We both know Ray is not going to answer that question. Why don’t you just put a couple of senarios together to put this to rest.
    example…. Let’s say the # is 100 or none, or 10,or 50….. whatever.

  96. You complain to the city about an “illegally constructed wall and patio” and want it removed.

    What about the extensive walls and patios that were built by you and your buddies in the 90s? How come you aren’t complaining about that? Are you going to remove that illegal construction?


  97. To answer your questions about the sewers and septic systems once again; before I purchased my home I was assured by the board of Directors of the Island that the septic system in place was legal and in fine working order. Those questions were asked by both my attorney and I. I believe that to still be true for my house and some others on the Island although I am will to have my home tested to confirm that. However there are many that I have discovered after testing, questioning, and investigating that are along the shore, in a very low water table with no leaching fields (Only 55 gallon drums buried in the sand) and as a result are polluting the waters of the Sound. There is a county sewage line 450 feet off the island that will fix the problems.

    As far as the potable water, I was aware of the water being collected from the roof tops but once again I was told that it was safe and no one has ever had a problem as a result of the non-potable water. However after having water samples tested by a NYS certified laboratory. I was informed just how dangerous using that water for domestic use was.

    The Hen Islanders would like everyone to believe there is no way to resolve these issues but once again that is not true. Hen Island has a utility easement that can be exercised to bring in potable water and remove sewage. Should they not want to exercise that easement they can drill a well and install compliant septic systems just like everyone else would be required to do anywhere in the modern world. Instead of spending $215,000.00 on attorney’s fees and building an illegal wall they should have spent the money fixing the problems. Mr. Floatie would have been gone by now.

    All the walls and patios that were built by me in the 90s were only repairing what was pre- existing and we brought in the sand and the stone. That’s what you tried to sell to the building department and they didn’t buy your Floatie! I hope that answers your questions.

  98. Ray,

    Could you please move your car from the front of Resurrection Church? It is very distasteful. There is no need for these types of childish games.

    [I decided to take a page out of Ray’s playbook — I am going to hijack every thread – regardless of topic – and post this message.]

  99. Ray –

    If having a sewage connection is so important to you, the answer is obvious. Pay for it yourself.
    I’ve got news for you. The residents of Rye love being green, but love their green more. They will not pay for a sewer to benefit a handful of houses. It’s more likely they’d vote to condemn Hen Island and let it revert back to a natural state. So be careful what you wish for…

  100. Mr. Tartaglione: Your fabrications and behaviors, correspondence, and self-aggrandizement all chillingly fit the peviously published description of a sociopath. But you have outdone yourself with this latest display of anti-social behavior. To the parishioners of Resurrection Church as well as all other Catholics in the area this edifice is a symbol of their religion and their faith. To park your scatological vehicle in front of it and ignore repeated requests to move it (even when you are aware that religious services are to be conducted) is so heinous as to border on a hate crime. Don’t you dare portend to know what is best for any member of this community when you dishonor a traditional symbol of its beliefs and values!! At a time when so many struggle to come together for the good of all you weave a tale of divisiveness, lies, and deciet. Move your offensive car, allow the City of Rye to resume its summertime grace and leave the good souls on Hen Island in peace.

  101. Sewers on Hen Island are not the answer. Even a two-bit ,self-proclaimed environmentalist could tell you that. Mr. Tartaglione and his supporters are fake environmentalists. Just take a look at his 2 cycle engine hanging off the back of his boat and that is all you need to know. Those things have been banned from sale for 2 years now because of the pollution they emit. Also remember he still dumps his sewage into a sess pool not far from the shore line. His camp is right on the shore. A sewer option also would require laying pipe across the Sound then across all of Hen Island down to the south end. This pipe would have to cross 2 marshlands/bird nesting areas. Sewers would also require pumps to pump the sewage from as far as the south end of Hen Island to Greenhaven. It is not a trivial task. The answer is composting toilets. Composting toilets are true green because the contents are recycled and not just thrown into the Sound like what a sewer option would do. But, composting toilets wouldn’t drive enough of the “undesireables” off Hen Island for Mr. Tartaglione’s liking because composting toilets are a cost effective option that work better than sewers. It is not a coincidence that Mr. Tartaglione has not mentioned them but it is the wave of the future in waste management. There have been composting toilets on Hen Island for years and more are being added every year.

  102. Ray,

    Could you please move your car from the front of Resurrection Church? It is very distasteful. There is no need for these types of childish games.

    [I decided to take a page out of Ray’s playbook — I am going to hijack every thread – regardless of topic – and post this message.]

  103. Ray….Let me see if I understand….you say, “before I purchased my home I was assured by the board of Directors of the Island that the septic system in place was legal and in fine working order”…..and, go on to say, “As far as the potable water, I was aware of the water being collected from the roof tops but once again I was told that it was safe and no one has ever had a problem as a result of the non-potable water.”….
    So, you went to the Board of Directors rather than an EXPERT, prior to buying your home…Before I buy a house I have it looked at by an engineer; someone with some degree of expertise…And, you didn’t figure out for YOURSELF bird droppings land on a roof, along with all kinds of other debris….You blame your investigational shortcomings and lack of due dilligence on everyone but ……..yep, you guessed it…..you. And the reason there is no lawsuit with regard to being told “… that it was safe and no one has ever had a problem as a result of the non-potable water.”….?? I suspect a judge or jury may look somewhat askance if you appeared in court with that representation.
    High and Dry in Rye

  104. High and Dry,

    It’s even more simple than what you represent. There are no requirements that Hen Islanders collect rain water or even have a toilet. When Hen Island was formed it was based on campsites. Your not even required to have a house. Theoretically, you could have a tent on Hen Island with no propane or rain water and everytime you need to take a dump you could go to the Boat Basin and do it there. Mr. Tartaglione is myopic. Everything he sees as what is needed or required on Hen Island is really not. Just a picnic table on your campsite might be all you need.

  105. Below are quotes from Deputy Health Commissioner Lenny Meyerson from a Journal News article from April 12, 2009 when asked about sewage systems in North White Plains.

    Quarry Heights was identified as a high-priority project because of known failures of septic systems and substandard systems across the neighborhood. The rocky soil and too-small lots make it impossible for most homeowners to build septic systems up to current standards.
    “There have been numerous incidents of public health threats and environmental threats,” said Lenny Meyerson, the deputy commissioner for environmental health at the Westchester County Health Department.
    The neighborhood was first built as a temporary community for workers on the Kensico Dam, and the sewage disposal was never up to standard, he said.
    The sewage overflows can flow into streams or run off with rainwater and reach the Kensico Reservoir, which collects drinking water from upstate sources headed to millions of households in southern Westchester and New York City.
    “There’s no question that it adds pathogens to the Kensico biosystem,” Meyerson said.
    So what is the difference between the Hen Island Community and Quarry Heights in North White Plains? Same “rocky soil and too-small lots” It seems that they don’t give a shi* about Rye polluting the Sound or maybe Otis told Meyerson to keep his mouth shut?

  106. Maybe because Hen Island is a community of campsites and not permanent residences.

    Or, maybe because the Kensico Resevoir is a source of drinking water and Long Island Sound is an estuary of the world’s ocean system.

    The only one full of floatie is you Ray.

    Why don’t you file another police report because you are scared of a teenage girl……

  107. The below quote is from the http://www.HEALtheHARBOR.com homepage it is being used on the web site with the express permissions of Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    ”Around the world, water supplies face relentless threats from industrial waste, agricultural pollution and poor sewage treatment. The battle to protect water purity must be fought not just by national governments but also in every town and village on the planet.

    Even in the U.S., which has some of the toughest environmental laws, safeguarding rivers and reservoirs is a constant struggle. While many companies obey the rules, others still try to use waterways as dumpsites. American environmental-enforcement officials have been bombed, shot, run over and sued while trying to perform their duties.

    But the most demoralizing blows invariably come from their employers: the Governor or commissioner who wants to shield a political contributor or recruit polluters to the state by shutting down environmental enforcement.”
    “Environmental injustice is morally equivalent to any other form of racism — it has immediate health impacts and in the longer-term destroys the cultures and vitality of our highest risk communities. Above all else, pollution is a human rights violation. We need to make sure that our laws, our enforcement and all of our institutions recognize, understand and eliminate environmental racism.
    The solution to environmental racism remains the same: Better, stronger, environmental enforcement that protects every community and every citizen from pollution.”
    — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

  108. Could you please move your car from the front of Resurrection Church? It is very distasteful. There is no need for these types of childish games.

    [I decided to take a page out of Ray’s playbook — I am going to hijack every thread – regardless of topic – and post this message.]

  109. Ray…Here’s my suggestion:…Tell Mr. Kennedy as well as the Soundkeepper you want to run a sewage pipe as well as a water pipe across the bottom of Long Island Sound, from Hen Island to Greenhaven..(through wetlands and watershed land.I believe that’s what you want..correct?..Or, suggest to them you want Hen Islanders to each drill wells or, dig one big well for all of Hen Island…(Suggestions of yours, right here in this blog)..See how long it is before you get a NEGATIVE response…Mr. Conservationist..my pattooti!…By the way, please provide WRITTEN proof that you questioned the Board about septic and rainwater collection PRIOR to your purchase of your cottage…I believe there was no such questioning by you of them..MAYBE you asked the owner of the cottage; period.
    And, please compare apples to apples..NO ONE drinks from Long Island Sound, they DO drink from Croton Resevoir…Silly Wrabbit.
    High and Dry in Rye

  110. Saltwater is an unfriendly environment for ecoli bacteria. The Sound also has tides that circulates the water every 6 hours. If Hen Island was a source of concern, the BOH wouldn’t allow it to exist. The BOH is responsible for closing the beaches. Would they risk having to close beaches because of Hen Island after the publicity Hen Island has recieved if they weren’t confident that Hen Island wasn’t a problem? Like another poster said, there is more ewage dumped into the sound in one day at Oakland beach then Hen Island has dumped into Milton Harbor over the last 100 years. It also is important to note that no one has ever fallen sick from swimming in Milton Harbor which is the real life data backing up the BOH decision. Mr. Tartaglione can cry all he wants but the real life data doesn’t support his claims.

  111. Is that why they use salt to preserve food? Has salt been used for thousnads of years as a preservative because certain bacteria can’t live in it? Does the BOH know something us mere mortals don’t?

  112. Could the suggestion of silence be coming from your $130,000.00 lawyer that told you I was making you look like the polluters that you are? Not only on this website but throughout Westchester and New York State. You can attack me personally all you want but the bottom line is “You are polluters” and you had no concern for the environment or your community until the City made you clean it up.

  113. Must see tv….


    Watch the mayor and the city council unanimously tell the turd to go away.

    Enough is enough. The city has found only minor issues, the county has found no issues. Either live with the place that you bought or sell it.

    You and your issues are insignificant. Stop harassing our city.

  114. Mr. Tartaglione,

    Please stop the adolecent BS. We’re all polluters. Every life form on the planet is a “polluter”. When you breathe you pollute, when you shit, you pollute and even if your shit goes thru the waste treatment plant at the end of the sewer pipe, you’re polluting. Fish and geese pollute. Your boat is a polluter and your car is a polluter and that is why the gov’t has instituted tolerances for pollution. We can lessen the amount of pollution we put in the sound if everyone in Westchester recycled their waste. And I mean all their waste not just the stuff they put in the garbage cans. Unfortunately, I have never ONCE heard you mention the word “RECYCLE”. When you’re ready to recycle I think you may have some allies on Hen Island besides the people that already support you. If you continue to push your sewer pipe, you won’t.


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