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Mr. Floatie Mobile Looks Like Cr*p, AGAIN

Floatie outside kelly's DSC09341

Someone really doesn't like Ray Tartaglione.

The "Mr. Floatie Mobile", a 1939 Chevy Delux with decals of Mr. Floatie, the walking, talking 8-foot turd used by Ray Tartaglione to bring attention to alleged misdeeds and pollution on Rye's Hen Island, has been vandalized for the second time in as many months.

Floatie damage DSC09343 The car was vandalized with spray paint (the window remains vandalized from the first attack). Tartaglione told MyRye.com that the car was vandalized some time between Sunday evening and Tuesday morning while it was parked off Midland Avenue near Kelly's bar.

"Kelly has called and asked for the car to be moved from the front of her bar. She said it is disgusting that her patrons have to look at a picture of a turd before dinner. I told her I feel the same way only I have to deal with the real thing on Hen Island. We did apologized to her and suggested she complain to the mayor since he seems to be the one not enforcing the laws," said Tartaglione.

Last week the city council passed a law that Tartaglione calls "Floatie's Law" since it requires every car in the city to be moved every 48 hours or it will be towed as abandoned. "I believe the council is getting a little carried away, rather than enforcing the health codes on Hen Island to get rid of Floatie and his car, they change the parking regulations. Now the Floatiemobile will be moved every two days as required by law," said Tartaglione. "I guess they didn't take into consideration that I run a 24 hour towing operation so I just have one of the drivers on the midnight tour move the car every two days."

What do you think about the Mr. Floatie Mobile being damaged again? Leave a comment below.


  1. “Last week the city council passed a law that Tartaglione calls “Floatie’s Law” since it requires every car in the city to be moved every 48 hours or it will be towed as abandoned.”

    Well thought out. What do residents do when they go away for a few days and they park on the street?

  2. The Residents don’t have to do or worry about anything. When is the last time you wrote such a ticket?
    Better yet when is the last time you wrote any ticket?
    We can’t wait to see something enforced around here!!!
    So… how is the investigation coming along in finding out who is the culPRICK damaging Ray’s car???

  3. There is no pollution problem on Hen Island–only in Ray’s head. I saw Kelly and she did say she called this clown and asked him to move it which he did.

    Tartaglione has nothing better to do but make an issue where one is not-several investigations into alleged pollution on Hen Island revealed nothing.

    So–we will have to tolerate this for an undetermined amount of time
    till he finds another town to harass.

  4. Amazing, everyone wants the Rye police to write tickets until they or one or their family members gets a ticket! what you are saying “URKIDDNME” is that the police should ticket everyone as long as its not you?

  5. No matter what the problem is that he has with the city or the city or anyone has with him, it still is vandalism. The person or people have destroyed property.

  6. Claremont,
    If you deserve a ticket you deserve a ticket.
    FTR- That is not what I meant.
    Try reading a bit SLOWER maybe you will get it right the 2nd time around!
    You hit the nail on the head!
    Just because this is Ray’s car does not make it any less of a crime and the RPD needs to investigate this, make an arrest and make it public.


    * Reduce pollution effluent from Hen Island.
    * Keep the shores of Hen Island clean from trash and floating debris.
    * Ensure that the Hen Island Board of Directors and individual cottage owners, take responsibility for past actions and create a new environmentally friendly and safe atmosphere in Milton Harbor.
    * Require politicians, commissioners, and municipal employees to hold Hen Island (Kuder Island Colony Inc.) and its cottage owners to the same health, safety and building codes as every other community in Westchester County.

    This is to be accomplished by education, cooperation, public exposure, and/or any other legal measures possible, until all issues are addressed within an acceptable manner.

  8. ”Around the world, water supplies face relentless threats from industrial waste, agricultural pollution and poor sewage treatment. The battle to protect water purity must be fought not just by national governments but also in every town and village on the planet.

    Even in the U.S., which has some of the toughest environmental laws, safeguarding rivers and reservoirs is a constant struggle. While many companies obey the rules, others still try to use waterways as dumpsites. American environmental-enforcement officials have been bombed, shot, run over and sued while trying to perform their duties.

    But the most demoralizing blows invariably come from their employers: the Governor or commissioner who wants to shield a political contributor or recruit polluters to the state by shutting down environmental enforcement.”
    “Environmental injustice is morally equivalent to any other form of racism — it has immediate health impacts and in the longer-term destroys the cultures and vitality of our highest risk communities. Above all else, pollution is a human rights violation. We need to make sure that our laws, our enforcement and all of our institutions recognize, understand and eliminate environmental racism.

    The solution to environmental racism remains the same: Better, stronger, environmental enforcement that protects every community and every citizen from pollution.”

    — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    (The above quotes are being used on the HEALtheHARBOR.com web site with the express permissions of Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.)

  9. Hen Island Quincy,
    Can you explain to me why someone would have a garbage can buried in the ground under the house with the top exposed and a plumbing pipe going into it? BTW there is a clogged and abandon sewage pipe next to the garbage can. I think that is an important piece of the puzzle. You should consult the one that owns the garbage can, to find the true liar.

  10. There could be a dozen reasons for that can.

    But, if his sewage really does go in the can and he removes it and disposes it properly, he is not polluting the Sound like your substandard septic system does.

    Ray, stop polluting the Sound and install a composting toilet.

  11. New laws solely targeting government critics?

    What’s your cover story for this one? I bet your current absurdly overpaid corporate council worked up a beaut for you.

    There are plenty of taxpayers who need the flexibility to park legally for more than 48 hours on our streets. So what are you going to do to placate them – cause selective enforcement of the statute? Make taxpayers come in for special permission passes for streets they already pay to maintain – and you can’t even do that right anymore?

    Orwell saw you folks coming decades ago.

  12. I knew Robert Kennedy, I worked with Robert Kennedy, Robert Kennedy was my friend. You, Ray Tartaglione, are NO Robert Kennedy.

    So why don’t you put in that a composting toilet Ray. Would make to much sense?

  13. I hope the culPRICK strikes again! Parking your crap mobile in front of eateries to bring attention to a cause that has NO merit–effecting people that have nothing to do with it–

    Let me get creative and park something in front of your auto/towing operation. I am sure I can think of something–

  14. Chriss Henn Island,
    If you know Robert Kennedy maybe you should give him a call. I am sure he will tell you everything County environmental inspector Ron Gatto has told him about the Island. It’s my bet he will tell you that Inspector Gatto was going to close Hen Island due to the sewage pits along the shoreline. Maybe he will also tell you what he was told by Terry Backer from the Long Island Soundkeeper. That Hen Island should have all the systems tested and that there is only one place the sewage could be going and that is into the Long Island Sound. And maybe he will also tell you that he has given us his permission to use his name, his quote and his picture for our website. Should he tell you something different, please let me know.

  15. Why do you fail to answer about your lack of installing a composting toilet?

    It is a fact the sound has never been cleaner? Maybe your correct, SHUT DOWN your god damn island or at least your shack.

    Who sold him their cottage?

  16. Chris,
    I will be happy to tell you again. Not all of the sewage systems on Hen Island are polluting, the ones that do are the ones along the shoreline in a low water table. My system happens to have over ten feet of soil, is not in a low water table area (as it is the second highest home on the island) and is equipped with septic fields as required by design. I have had it inspected and tested and updated during construction in 1998. I am however willing to have it tested again along with all the other systems on the Island. If it should fail I am willing to repair it or replace it as necessary. Did you make your call yet? Maybe you should take a look at the way the Hen Islanders that you protect treat the environment and shores of the Long Island sound.


  17. Hey Ray –
    “and is equipped with septic fields as required by design. I have had it inspected and tested and updated during construction in 1998.”
    Funny, I don’t remember a septic field being installed. If so, there had to be an approval from the County Depatment of Health. Could you provide the proof that such an application was filed and approved.


  18. It is legal to “repair” a septic system without a permit. It is illegal to “expand” a septic system without a permit.

    Lenny Meyerson will be interested to get this information.

    You should have installed a composting toilet.

  19. Let me start by saying if anyone believes that this change in the code of abandoned vehicles on the streets of Rye has nothing to do with Ray Tartaglione is as NAIVE as they come and out of their GORE!!!

    We are expected to believe that even after the City Manager said we don’t have a problem with abandoned vehicles that Ray is not a target! All of a sudden the Commissioner & his trusted Lieutenants of the RPD have woken up and are concerned with a problem that doesn’t exist. When will the Commissioner & LT.Falk wake up and do something about all the speeding going on on Midland Ave. around the clock & all the problems that

    The Mayor and City Staff moved very swiftly to try and discourage Ray!



    It is “LEGAL” to repair a faulty drywell on a wetlands property without a permit in the City of Rye!!
    It is “ILLEGAL” to install a drywell on a wetlands property in the City of Rye without a permit!!

  20. NTOUCH, Ray did not “repair a faulty drywell”. By his own admission, he expanded his septic system. There is a huge difference.

    A few months back, he told us in detail how he dug up his system and found only a 55 gallon drum with holes in it, so he added septic fields to it.

    The repair or rehabilitation of an existing system is legal without a permit. The expansion or modification of a septic system requires Westchester County DOH and wetlands permits. Therefore, he expandanded his septic sytem ILLEGALLY.

    Tartaglione has appointed himself the Hen Island whistle blower/tattletale/snitch and has cried and complained to every agency available about everything and anything on Hen Island.

    Ray, why don’t you file a complaint with the Westchester County Department of Health regarding YOUR illegal expansion of your septic system?


  21. Quincy,
    FYI, updated doesn’t mean expanded and you do not need a permit to inspect or repair a septic system. Maybe you should call Lenny Meyerson the “Westchester County Hen Island pollution enabler” and ask him. Please try not to put words in my mouth.

  22. I would still like to know where the septic fields are. I have no idea where they would go since the house is below grade from any possible leach field. Do we have plans for these fields and was there a contractor ?. Does the septic tank get pumped by a honeydipper ?

  23. Ray, I did NOT put words in your mouth. These are your words as posted earlier on MyRye:

    ” I had the system flow tested about ten years ago during the reconstruction of my cottage. I was curious as to how these systems worked for so long without ever being emptied like conventional systems. When I opened it I found out why. It was just a 55 gallon drum with holes punched in the sides, sewage seeping into the ground and probably the aquifer below. Believing that this problem was exclusive to my cottage, I had it repaired at my expense. I added a few septic fields and connected them to the tank. ”
    Posted by: Ray Tartaglione | January 03, 2009 at 09:27 AM

    And here is the link as further proof that it is a direct quote:


    “Adding a few septic fields” is expanding a septic system. And, that septic system is in a wetlands.

    You did not obtain wetlands permits and Westchester County DOH permits for this work. Therefore the work was performed illegally.

    You have been diligent about reporting real and assumed violations on Hen Island to the authorities. When are you going to report your illegal activites?

    I am sure that both Christian Miller and Lenny Meyerson are looking forward to hearing about this.

    Again, you should have simply installed a composting toilet.

  24. Ray’s last post:

    ” FYI, updated doesn’t mean expanded and you do not need a permit to inspect or repair a septic system. ”
    Posted by: Ray Tartaglione | August 01, 2009 at 11:49 AM

    Inferring that you did not expand your system shows your lack of credibility.

    You better contact Meyerson and Miller about your illegal activities before they hear about it from someone else.

  25. Quincy,
    It still doesn’t mean expanded no matter how you try to spin it. Keep up the good work in trying to turn this around and make it me that is doing something wrong when it is you and your fellow Hen Islanders that are the polluters. I didn’t see many of your friends on the island this weekend. What’s the problem? Is all the attention turning your stomach? Are you concerned that the hammer is going to fall soon? Afraid the city is going to make you take down the $90,000.00 seawall you built without a permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers? Here is the link you should look at.


  26. Quincy,
    It still doesn’t mean expanded no matter how you try to spin it.
    Posted by: Ray Tartaglione | August 02, 2009 at 08:53 PM

    “Adding septic fields” is expanding a system by every definition. To claim otherwise is laughable.

    The only one spinning the truth is you.

  27. Floatie’s Law? This is absurd and will probably end up on the front page of the New York Times.

    Really Kelly????? Your drunk patrons are offended by a cartoon Turd? Hard to believe.

    I do not understand why anyone would be offended by someone drawing attention to environmental issues. Even if he is the biggest polluter on the planet, he is raising awareness.

    Shame on you Rye residents. It is 2009; not 1951.

  28. To: interested observer aka Ray Tartaglione
    Not personal..You said “kelly’s drunk patrons” after leaving an obscene car in front of a landmark establishment..you hypocrite!!!
    complain about law which you violated, by your own admission, regarding septic tank field extended without EPA and health department permits…..hypocrite

    Ready to pull the chain on your dirty bowl!!!!


    back from vacation

  29. The Rye city council headed by Mayor Otis is still refusing to write violations for:
    the unlawful, unsanitary handling of raw sewage, and the unlawful, unhealthy collection
    of potable water on Hen Island. Why?

    The mayor claims it’s not Rye city’s responsibility but Westchester County’s even though
    Hen Island is located in Rye. The County, under the head-in-the-sand guidance of Deputy
    Health Commissioner Lenny Meyerson, claims, “no problems exist.” These problems are real (it was a Westchester County inspector who determined conditions were so bad as to warrant closing the island two years ago). Laws exist to deal with them. And (given the childish stance taken by the county) it’s Rye’s responsibility to do so.

    The city council did make a start: After learning that it had been misinformed by city manager Paul Shew about conditions on Hen Island, the city council admitted it had made a mistake and finally sent inspectors there. This spring inspectors issued violations to Hen Island homeowners for: improper storage of propane tanks, illegally installed water heaters, and non-compliant solar systems.

    So why don’t mayor Otis and this city council face up to their obligation to Rye residents and continue to enforce the law?

    Elected officials may — if they choose — opt not to enforce the laws. This is called discretionary enforcement. Undoubtedly, there’s a time and a place where such “discretion” is appropriate. But the Hen Island untreated sewage and contaminated potable water issues don’t fall under that category.

    The council seems to be exercising its discretionary enforcement of law against the populace. Can their choice not to enforce the law be in the best interest of the people? Hardly. And Rye residents should be made aware of it.

    What can you do? If politicians don’t act responsibly where discretionary enforcement is concerned, your only recourse is to make a stand in the voting booth. Please remember this November to vote out those council members running for reelection: Mayor Steve Otis and Andy Ball. And remind the other members of the council — George Pratt, Catherine Parker, Paula Gamache, Mack Cunningham, and Joe Sack — that you want health and sanitary laws enforced. Don’t support elected officials who won’t fix real problems.

    The Rye city council may wash its hands of this situation under the guise of discretionary powers. Please remind them that just because they don’t have to do what’s right doesn’t mean they shouldn’t.