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Rye is for the Birds. And Dogs. And Cats…

Rye is for the birds. And for any other animals too.

Over at Christ's Church, video blogger Reverend Matthew J. Moretz sent us notice about the St. Francis Day Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, October 4, at 4:00 pm. Moretz reports: "All are invited to bring their beloved pets to Christ’s Church, Rye, New York at 4:00 pm on Sunday, October 4th, to receive a blessing at the church’s annual Blessing of the Animals."


St. Francis (1181-1226) was a friar who had great affection for the animals of the world. The Blessing of the Animals will take place outdoors in the church garden at the intersection of Milton Road and Rectory Street. Leashes for dogs will be expected.

Our State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer announced Senate passage of her bill, S. 4962-B, which significantly updates New York state laws regarding the euthanasia of animals. The measure would ban the euthanasia of animals by lethal gassing and ensure that animal euthanasia is performed in the most humane manner possible. “Our pets are members of the family,” noted Senator Oppenheimer, a lifelong animal lover. “Anyone who has experienced the heartbreak of putting down a beloved pet knows the importance of ending an animal’s suffering with as little discomfort as possible.”

And finally over at Marshlands Conservancy, Allison Beall waxes poetic about the sounds of the cicada in an audio podcast over at Scientific American.

A dog's life…


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