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Otis Campaign Takes Flight over Rye Harrison Football Game

The Team Otis campaign took flight yesterday, literally.

The 5,000 plus fans at the annual Rye Harrison football game were greeted by an airplane circling the field. The plane was dragging a sign that said: "Otis Ball Murphy Lavelle 4 Rye City Council".

See the video, only here on MyRye.com:

What do you think of this campaign tactic? Smart politics? Leave a comment below.


  1. Democrats for French please read;
    October 14, 2009
    Fellow Republicans! We are excited to have, after six years, a Republican-backed slate of candidates who are committed to repairing Rye’s finances, restoring management discipline and prioritizing needed investments. The seven of us are endorsing the “Change for Rye” team of Doug French (mayor), Peter Jovanovich, Suzanna Keith and Rich Filippi for city council. We are asking for your vote this November 3rd.
    The “Change for Rye” team came about because three people – Doug French, Suzanna Keith and Peter Jovanovich – wanted to provide the voters of Rye with an alternative. Well over a year ago, they started talking to small groups of people throughout Rye. They heard of the pain of constantly higher taxes and the fear of diminished income from imploding markets. They listened as residents voiced their disgust with the circus-like atmosphere on display at every council meeting. They took note of the frustration of voters who were deprived of a real choice to elect responsible council members.
    They came away with the inevitable conclusion that Rye is facing some serious issues – both fiscal and governmental. They committed, at first to each other and now to the public, that they will do whatever it takes to solve these problems. The first challenge they had was to re-invigorate the Republican Party. They’ve done that, and now they’re working hard on winning this campaign.
    We know the hard work they face. Each of us served on the city council, having been elected by you and other Rye residents in the past to help oversee the affairs of the city. We were honored by the privilege to represent all residents of Rye, and we always cast our votes based on what we truly thought was in the best interests of the city.
    Though we were not always in agreement then, we stand united today when it comes to the choice as who is most fit to lead us as Mayor for the next four years. We are collectively and enthusiastically endorsing Doug French as the best candidate for Mayor. All of us served with the current Mayor. We know him well, we respect the effort he’s given Rye, but we believe we are long overdue for a change in leadership. We’re thrilled that Doug has agreed to run, and we know he’ll do a great job bringing Rye back.
    Additionally, we are also heartily endorsing Peter, Suzanna and Rich for the open city council seats. Out of the six candidates, only these three have expressed alarm at the lack of direction on the city council. Only they have called for greater fiscal restraint and demanded better governance. Only they are looking to bring dignity and prudence back to the city council chambers. And only they are expressing the need for urgent and immediate action.
    Amazingly, their opposition thinks there’s nothing wrong with a government that continues to spend more and more of your hard-earned wealth, while not addressing flooding, not planning for capital investments, not attracting – and retaining – top talent for key managerial jobs. They even made the outrageous claim that 16% of your taxes shouldn’t matter! Their willful ignorance of the challenges we face is a classic case of a “leadership” that’s completely out of touch with our needs. You can be a part of the solution by standing with us and other Republicans on Tuesday, November 3rd• Help us in re-building the party by pulling the lever for Doug, Peter, Suzanna and Richard.
    It’s time for a change!

    Franklin Chu, City Council, 2001-2005 Bob Cypher, City Council, 2001-2005
    Bonnie Downing, City Council 1997-2001 Matt Fahey, City Council, 2003-2007
    Duncan Hennes, City Council 2003-2007 Roz Larr, City Council, 1997-2005
    Joe Latwin, City Council 1993-1997

  2. It would appear to me that Otis is desperate that he has sunk to publicity stunts.

    Why didn’t Otis borrow that helium balloon from Colorado? He would have gotten a lot more publicity.

    Given all of the b.s. politics we have endured with Otis, while our City’s reputation and finances have crumbled under his watch, perhaps a hot air balloon filled up by Otis himself would be a better campaign prop.

    Otis and his campaign have become a joke. His clown act and the clowns he has running this City is a hoax on all the taxpayers.

    It is time for Otis to get on his hot air balloon with Culross, Plunkett and Connors on board and fly away to Massachusetts or Cincinnati with Shew or Novak.

  3. Cheesy Steve. Real cheesy. You are doing a great job keeping up with Mr. Floatie. You are spending so much time with him we think he is starting to wear off on you. Fits right in with the circus we have at the council meetings every two weeks.

  4. Democrats for French,
    Love the Republican Letter!!!

    I was @ the Rye/Harrison Game.

    Someone standing next to me says;
    “what do you think of that”? I said, what do I think of what? He said; look up. And there it was!
    I couldn’t believe my eyes.
    I had only one word to answer with: DESPERATION!!!

    Seems one of those Candidates was prematurely celebrating Saturday Night and thinks he was “flying under the radar”!


    no need for names, he knows who he is! LMAO!!!

  5. Mr. Otis comes from Harrison so maybe he thinks the citizens there will forgive his insertion of this sky high billboard into the culture of “The Game.”

    My sense is that given the very costly lawsuit he’s started with Harrison, the Harrison taxpayers like him even less than the taxpayers of Rye do.

    Are antiaircraft guns still legal in Rye? Let’s dial up “Fabulous till Fired” ex Rye City manager Paul Shew and have him check the regs for us.

    Oh wait that’s right – Shew is now suing us also.

  6. Who you voting for, Ray ..???…..Oh, that’s right, I forgot..You can’t vote in Rye, ’cause you’re NOT a resident……!! High and Dry in Rye..Maybe you should get involved in White Plains or Purchase politics….I’m sure they’d love your input….


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