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Otis Ticket Parties at the Jay House

Rye Otis Ticket Fundraiser DSCN0240 

They partied like it was the 1700s. The Otis, Ball, Lavelle, and Murphy City Council campaign held a successful band party fundraiser on October 4th at the Carriage House of the Jay Heritage Center. The event was headlined by popular local Rye band the "Dragon Coasters" who played for a full crowd of over 100 voters plus children. Myles Lavelle, Councilman Andy Ball, Mayor Steve Otis, and Joe Murphy are pictured with the band.


  1. WOW, It doesn’t get any cockier than that. I guess now we should all bow down to Mr.Ball. Well Andy, you definitely have solitified my vote. I don’t know about the rest of you but I can’t wait to pull the lever in favor of Andy. LMAO!!!


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