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Bring Your Household Hazardous Waste to Playland Friday & Saturday (Nov 6 and 7th)

Your garage is probably full of nasty chemicals that have been sitting on that shelf for years. Your front hall closet has a half ton of plastic bags. And you have file boxes full of old bank statements and tax returns and feel like you need a visit from Fawn Hall (anyone?).

You can now get rid of all these things safely and easily this Friday, November 6th (1-3pm) and Saturday, November 7th (9am-3pm) at Rye Playland during Westchester County's Household Recycling Day.

This is a great program and there is all sorts of stuff you can safely unload (see our past story). Rye Public Works will NOT pick-up the vast majority of these materials (or will charge you for bulk items), so this is your chance to purge.

More details on the day from the county:

In addition to chemicals and other special wastes found in a typical household, residents can continue to bring their personal papers for shredding, plastic bags for recycling and expired medications for disposal. They can also bring barbecue tanks up to 20 pounds; all types of batteries including vehicle, rechargeable and non-rechargeable types; as well as Freon-containing appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and dehumidifiers.

Here’s a more comprehensive list of the household wastes that are accepted for safe disposal and recycling at the event:

Properly labeled household chemicals such as:
Most automotive fluids – i.e. antifreeze, brake fluid, gasoline
Flammable liquids – i.e. kerosene, butane, charcoal fluid, turpentine
Metal, jewelry and furniture polishes and waxes; wood preservatives
Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides
Photographic and swimming pool chemicals
Cell phones
Car tires – maximum 10 tires accepted per household
Fluorescent light bulbs
Fire extinguishers
BBQ propane tanks (up to 20 pounds)
All batteries – including vehicle, non-rechargeable and rechargeable, button cell and alkaline batteries
Mercury containing items – such as thermometers and thermostats
E-Waste – such as TVs, computer monitors, towers, printers and accessories
Household appliances – air-conditioners, refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves
Personal papers for shredding – limit four file size boxes per household. Learn how to prepare paper for this free bulk shredding service.
Items that are not accepted and should not be delivered to a Household Recycling Day include paint (both oil and latex), motor oil, smoke detectors, and hypodermic needles. These items and many other special wastes can be disposed of without having to wait for a recycling event. For instance, residents can add kitty liter to oil or latex paint, air dry the mixture for a day or two, and once hardened, dispose of the paint with the garbage. 

Also, waste from a business, school or institution will not be accepted; any delivery from them will be turned away.

Playland Park is located at the end of Playland Parkway, Exit 19 on I-95 in Rye.  For directions or more information, call the county’s Recycling Help Line at 2-1-1.


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