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AOL’s Rye Patch Hires Editor Sarmah

Patch.com Satta Sarmah Headshot AOL hired the editor for its Rye version of Patch.com, a series of local web sites. Satta Sarmah began work on November 23rd as the local editor of the Rye Patch. The Rye version is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, December 22nd. Sarmah lives in Mamaroneck.

MyRye.com asked Sarmah to tell us a little bit about her background, and here is what she told us:

"I have a master’s degree in journalism and new media from Northwestern University’s Medill School and a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from Boston University. I’ve worked for various media outlets, including the Orlando Sentinel, CNN and Everyblock.com, a hyper-local website recently acquired by MSNBC. At the Sentinel, I covered a wide range of topics, including breaking news, city and town government, and business. I wrote enterprise pieces and general assignment stories that appeared on A1 and the front pages of the business and local sections. I was a master’s fellow at CNN’s Washington DC bureau, helping producers research stories, conduct interviews and gather video footage for packages that aired on The Situation Room, Anderson Cooper 360 and other CNN programs. At Everyblock, I was responsible for geocoding content in news articles so that site users in New York could find news specific to their block. My work also has appeared in Chicago-area newspapers such as the Chicago Defender, the Chicago Journal, Austin Weekly News and the Northwest Indiana Times. I’ve also held internships with the Columbia Journalism Review, Working Mother Magazine and the London bureau of CBS News."


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