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Happy Holidays from MyRye.com

Happy holidays from all of us at MyRye.com.

We have many things to be thankful for at MyRye.com.

Poppy's Christmas 12-13-2009 042 

Thanks to our contributing writers Pamela Baur (social scene) and Diana Tapper (restaurants).

Thanks to each of our more than 3,000 readers each month that visit MyRye.com. You are MyRye.com. Some of you read the stories, some of you comment on the stories, some email us, some call us, some sit and have a coffee with us.

Thanks to my wife Lauren Rosen and our three terrific boys for putting up with this great community project called MyRye.com.

We hope MyRye.com has been worthy of your attention and serves as a virtual water cooler where we can celebrate our traditions, debate the issues of the day and show off this great place we have all decided to call home.

One of the great promises of the Internet is to bring people and communities together. We  – all of us – are proof of this. Through MyRye.com, it is my hope that each of us feels a little closer to one another, a little more engaged and responsible and a little more vested in the Rye community.

We'll be taking a few days off between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Thanks for your current and future contributions and best wishes for 2010.


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