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Video: Osborn School’s Mad Hot Ballroom

MyRye.com has the video… and it's awesome.

Osborn Elementary School 5th graders demonstrated their ballroom dancing skills to parents on November 30, 2009.

Principal Ms. Clarita Zeppie introduced the American Ballroom Theater's Dancing Classroom program to Osborn school in the Fall of 2005. The program was the inspiration for the 2005 documentary, Mad Hot Ballroom, and Ms. Zeppie was featured in the film as the principal at PS 115 in Washington Heights that went on to win the Grand Final Competition.

Next, a selected group of 5th graders will compete in a metro area competition in December. The children compete in a variety of ballroom dances: the Foxtrot, Merengue, Tango, Swing, Rhumba, and take their roles very seriously under the tutelage of their enthusiastic dance instructor, Rodney Lopez.

Great job everyone – what a terrific program.

Here are the videos of some of the 5th grade classes. In the last video you can see the entire 5th grade dancing in the auditorium:


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