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County Puts Screws to Working Folk in Rye: Bus Service Canceled as of April 5th

Way to hit a man when he is down…

It looks like Westchester County is about to put the screws to all the folks that work at the private clubs up and down Milton Point, seasonal workers at Playland and others who might work in private homes and businesses across Rye.

Bee Line Bus Route 76 

According to a tip send to MyRye.com by our State Assemblyman George Latimer, Westchester County and its new honcho Rob Astorino are looking to nuke Bee Line bus Route 76 which runs through Rye including Milton Road, Forest Avenue, Apawamis and Midland Avenue. Latimer has notified County Legislators Judy Myers and Martin Rogowsky who represent Rye and Port Chester, respectively, so they are alerted to the Astorino's planned action.

David J. Kucera, president of Port Chester-Rye Transit, Inc., told Latimer in a letter "Today [January 21] I received a letter from Commissioner Larry Salley of the Westchester County Dept. of Transportation.  In his letter, Commissioner Salley states that the Port Chester-Rye Transit, Inc. who contracts with Westchester County to provide public transit for the Village of Port Chester and the City of Rye for over 40 years, is being canceled effective April 5th."

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  1. This is a very serious blow to Rye. And to think the county has a what – 8% tax increase in the works for us come April? For what?

    Mr. Latimer and our other pol’s should get the financial justification (the profit and loss statements) for the cancellation out in front of us very quickly. Then we can ask for ideas from private sector transportation people on straightening out what government can’t.

  2. What a terrible thing to do. Many people who work in Rye but do not drive or can not afford a car or insurance rely on the bus to get to work, Is Rye once again so out of touch with the way things are that they don’t realize how this will cut into the ability of many people to get to work. Do they really not care?I s Rye trying to show their elitist status once again. I am appalled and disgusted by this move.


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