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American History in Rye – All Around You

Jay House 02-14-2010 062 

(PHOTO: The John Jay House, Rye as viewed from the field at Marshlands Conservancy. Photo taken on February 14, 2010)

Given it is President's Day, it is fitting to remind ourselves that Rye is teaming with American History. Take a moment and teach yourself, your kids or a friend some American history, Rye style.

George Washington traveled through Rye in 1789, washing a few down at the Square House, then a tavern. No doubt Washington knew where he was because of the Boston Post Road milestone markers Benjamin Franklin had installed in 1763. You can still see milestone 24 and milestone 25 embedded in Post Road stone walls if you know where to look.

And of course we cannot forget John Jay, son of Rye, first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and bearer of many other designations and accomplishments.

It is a great privilege to live amongst such history. We should protect it from those that do not have the same regard.

What part of American history in Rye do you think should be celebrated? Leave a comment below.


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