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Pamela on Purchase: A Farewell to Morgans and a Few Other Things….

MyRye.com columnist Pamela Baur begins a new colmn today called Pamela on Purchase. Pamela will tell us about her days in Rye.

Pamela_2_smallAs I looked around Morgans last Saturday night,  I could see it wasn’t the same. A lot had changed since my first visit over two and a half years ago. The restaurant was packed, the volume was up and yet it felt empty to me. I ran my finger along the metal pitcher of water draped in condensation, to in some way feel refreshment.  I looked for familiarity in all the faces that were there and saw only the ones that weren’t. 

Fitting I suppose knowing that as of tomorrow, Morgans will close to renovate and re-invent themselves. When I first heard this, my reminiscent heart thought how appropo this would be the physical example of change indicative of the change and letting go of what I had discovered and experienced there, letting go of Morgan’s as I have known it.

Then last week at Ruby’s a similar experience. Ruby’s, another restaurant of so many beginnings and memories for me and my life living here in Rye, was showing me it was time for another change. I seem to know when to go there. Ruby’s has sent me a lot of guidance…even the initial idea to live here came from my first lunch at this oyster bar bistro back in 2004.

Last night, Ruby’s invited me to look and see something I had been resisting seeing for a long time and let go of someone I had been holding on to. I of course fight everything that opposes what I want tooth and nail, so my gut still says to hold on as I’ve done for years…and yet some things there just are no arguing. Kurt was there, he works with Turner every Wednesday night, and just as Kurt was at Morgans at the beginning of it all, fitting he was there on this occasion – so ask him for details. 

What I left knowing was Ruby’s had me see what I was meant to see, and as it always has, it was a place that welcomed the right people in at the right time. 

I look forward to celebrating a final night at Morgans tonight with Kurt and the gang! We'll celebrate the new beginning and look forward to see how Morgans morphs into its new expression of itself. I look forward to moving through my own transition, letting go what I’ve known and taking on my own expansion opening a business in town April 15th.

There are sure to be bumps in the road of all of these processes…and we all at least have Kurt and Turner to keep the bubbles flowing at both places and to remind us that this is just how life goes. Check back for updates that’s what my new section on MyRye.com will read like, a day in the life living these changes in Rye.

Pamela Baur has enjoyed living in Rye since 2007. She is the store manager of the lululemon showroom opening on Elm Street in Rye on April 15th.


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