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At Council Meeting, Rye and American History

Square House Council at Table 05-05-2010 090

(PHOTO: Sheri Jordan of the Rye Historical Society welcomes the city council to the Square House.)

Wednesday night the Rye City Council held their annual meeting at the Square House, a center piece of Rye and American history. The annual event is more pomp than meeting and attracts a plethora of former Rye mayors and city council people, city staff, committee heads past and present, Westchester and State reps and active citizens. Maybe one year Doug Carey will attend costumed as George Washington. It would add great theater, and he is good for it.

Square House audience 05-05-2010 110

(PHOTO: Can you name all these participants in the life of Rye? Leave your full list as a comment below.)

The Square House session ran about 45 minutes. Mayor Doug French held court calling on each council member and 20 plus notables in the room to add various kind remarks. Former councilmen Andy Ball and Matt Fahey commented how elegant (our word, they used something similar) the view looked from the audience.

It was a warm event and served to provide both historical perspective and a reminder about how fortunate we are to live in our city of 15,000.

Go Garnets! 350 more years!

Square House outside 05-05-2010 116



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