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Pamela on Purchase: Daydreamer

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this edition of Pamela on Purchase, MyRye.com columnist
Pamela Baur tells us what she is doing to make her dreams come true.

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At Rye Town Park there is a bench that reads, “when people say dreams don’t come true, tell them about Rudy J Colaluca. If you’re like me, you’re asking yourself “who in the world is Rudy J and will knowing him have my dreams come true?”

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Interesting I was present to this little bench plaque this morning in particular while on my walk. I was reflecting over and over a dream I had the night before. It was the kind of dream that leaves you with a feeling of total warmth and contentment and leaves behind a smile on your face as you wake up out of sleep – then followed by a jolting sting reminding of its un-reality (or at least its un-reality SO FAR!).

So what’s in the way of me and this glorious dream? Oh right…me again – just as I was about to feel sad thinking this dream I had which was so far out of reach, I was reminded that I am the one responsible for my dreams and I get to outline my most imagined wonderful future. A quote by Anthony Robbins which was shared with me this week by a local inspiring friend reads and reminds “"How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?” It may entail giving something up, having a conversation with someone, asking for help, being 100% honest, breaking old patterns, doing something I don’t want to do (not always the easy stuff)…

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So, what I’m thinking is it takes is stepping outside of what’s comfortable, trusting in the processes and timings of life and trusting that it’s all aligned with the dreams that show up when I take me and my active mind out of the picture. It’s interesting what our subconscious and dreaming self will show us – the work for us, and I would say the advice from Rudy J Colaluca is to simply believe they will come true and resolve to do what it takes to allow them to come true., so with that, dream on…

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My step this month to step outside of what's comfortable is to awaken from my dreaming twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to practice sunrise yoga at Rye Town Park led by local yogi Jill Mulholland. Physically waking up a little earlier to practice yoga by the water could very well be the start of awakening something greater inside! Who's coming with me?  


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