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Pamela on Purchase: “Take it to the Squids”


this edition of Pamela on Purchase, MyRye.com columnist
Pamela Baur tells us she is headed to Cabo to live like an exclamation point.

This line, “take it to the squids”, is from the movie “The Break Up” and it’s no coincidence this movie is on my radar right now. In the film, a character says “next we’re taking it to the squids” as an expression meaning they are heading to the water, and that is EXACTLY where I’m going.

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(PHOTO: The two favorites.)

Thankfully for me, rounding out these past two weeks of upheaval and sea-like churning of life, is a trip to the waters of Mexico for a lovely wedding of two of my favorite people from town.

I enjoy doing most of my writing in a little wine bar in New Rochelle but the 2nd best place is at the beach! The beach is where the out pouring of all I have to offer can be swept up by the tide and taken away from me (I certainly have no use for most of what I’ve been experiencing lately) a whole lot of feeling not great, questioning, analyzing, and reflecting into waters that have seemingly evaporated!


Am I being too vague? I’m sorry, let me clarify. The deluge of reality that has dumped on me these past two weeks is showing me I may have absolutely no real clue about what other people want, what they are committed to, or what I want for that matter. (You can imagine is an uneasy place to be, a bit turbulent and where anyone could find themselves after a break up.)


The first thought that came to me in feeling these feelings of total disillusionment were from a former ex-boyfriend of mine who would always say “wherever you go, there you are” which irked me to no end. He would say it in such a flip indifferent tone with regard to wherever he was (it seemed to me anyway) but, in these past two weeks, I’ve only been able to actually come to agreement with that idea. Of course for me, I prefer to remember the idea as the Italians would with the phrase “eccoci” meaning, here we are.

Where I have been is in a pattern of thinking that what I had wasn’t what I wanted, and spent loads of time finding examples proving myself right. Now, hindsight being 20/20, I see what I had is what I wanted all along, and what I thought I wanted may not have been a good thing to hold onto for as long as I did. Talk about a cold plunge into the shallow end! Being right all the time has some significant downsides!

But, like rising to the surface from such a frigid awakening, I did take a way a lesson which I’ll share with you.

I learned that no matter at what point, we realize the true reality of who we are, how we’ve been being and what we want in any given situation, especially in matters of the heart, the best thing we can do is live that new found truth out loud… Live it like an exclamation point!

In doing so, there may be some unexpected discoveries, some occurrences that no one could have predicted. A re-alignment with what’s good and truest about us. With a little clarity, letting go of the past, and living with true exclamation from the heart, anything is possible. There can be a re-birth of hope, and the ebb and flow of these life experiences will balance and wash the slate clean!

Ah, as they say, a broken heart is an open heart… “eccoci”…Cabo take me away!


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