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MyRye.com Top 10 Stories of 2010

At the end of each year, MyRye.com looks back at the top 10 stories – the most viewed stories by our readers. The year 2010 was not an easy one – our country scratching its way back from the depths of the worst economic crisis in modern times and our Rye community dealing with many challenges of its own.

Most alarming this year was the loss of some of our own; some who left us early including George Croughan and Mark Drago, both husbands and fathers. The community responded in force – with bunco fundraisers and a stellar school caring committee. 

Rye is a special place – the annual little league parade, the annual Rye-Harrison game, the annual council meeting at the Square House and so many other things. With all the small squabbling that goes on it is worth stopping for a moment to realize how fortunate we all are to live in a place like Rye that in so many ways is overflowing with resources and opportunities.

Consider this as you look at the MyRye.com top 10 stories for 2010: 

Rye Loses George Croughan

Mark Drago, 48, of Florence Avenue Dead After Playland Parkway Car Accident

George Croughan Obituary; Scholarship Fund Set for Children

NY Times Pans New Pier Restaurant and Tiki Bar at Playland

Rye PBA Prez Compagnone on Lawsuit Against Chittenden : "I'm Sorry"

Coyotes: Rye PD Responded to Report Just Minutes Before Glen Oaks Attack

Home Invasion Reported on Forest Avenue, Rye City

Services for Mark Drago of Florence Avenue in Rye

Scholarship Fund Set for Drago Children: How You Can Help

Rye Mayor Doug French on Police Commissioner Connors' Accident


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